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Some Fandomic Excitement

I received an exciting e-mail this morning. As I'm at work I can't squee as literally as I would like, so instead I shall vent it into a brain-splurge of an LJ entry instead. Sorry.

Not sure where to start, so I'll be alphabetical.

Paul and I did a bit more of our Jonathan Creek re-watch last night: "The Scented Room" and "The Mystery at Gallows Gate (Part 1)". He wanted to watch part 2 but was already being drunk and annoying through the first two, and besides which, I was tired...

I've always liked "The Scented Room", mostly for the 'Gordon Hill' scene and that little snippet we get of Maddy's history. It's the only attempt at canon we've hever had and I usually grasp at it whenever I can. Aside from that, though, I really like the J/M interaction in the entire episode. I really like series 2 in general, really, because they're at this kind of mid-point between the unsubtle flirting of series 1 and the emotional mess that sets in towards the end of series 3. Of course, I can only say this with any certainty because I've seen the episodes so many times. ;)

But yeah. There's three key scenes I really like. The first is that one where Jonathan finds out where Maddy's "somewhere smart for lunch" really is, and kicks himself for falling for her ploy. I like how she knows him well enough to know that the locked-room element of the mystery will suck him in. Plus the fact that shes uses the 'lunchdate' as a reason for him to see her at all... :P

Next is the scene back at her house when he's refusing to divulge the answer to their mystery. Not just because I think Jonathan is gorgeous when he's being smug, obviously, because I would never be that shallow. It's just a lovely scene in terms of their interaction; I like the way Jonathan eventually softens in his stubborn approach in light of her 'surrendering'.

And obviously, there's the Gordon Hill scene, which is brief but gorgeous. I like that Barry thinks Jonathan is well-enough equipped to deal with the bombshell of history that he drops, or that he thinks Maddy won't mind him divulging one of her dark secrets. The transition from them walking arm-in-arm away from the building site to arriving at the local school is very odd, but there's a noticeable lack of snark in Jonathan's tone.

I should also mention that final sequence where they're having two entirely separate conversations with each other / themselves, not just because it's hilarious, but because it pre-empts my latest fic quite terrifyingly. There's a comment conversation on Eni's old DJ wherein there's some fic-like ramblings on what Jonathan and Maddy would name their child - and it's a boy. It's always been a boy. I don't know why. Maybe I subconsciously remembered that conversation and projected on it, but either way, it's quite strange.

The scenes with Benji are also amazing. Just that this over-spoiled, intelligent little boy, with everything material he could ever want, latches onto the only affection and interaction he can get - not just with Melissa, his nanny, but seemingly Jonathan as well. It's clearly what kicks off Maddy's side of their non-conversation, and imagining that potential future fills me with warm fuzzies. Gah, I need to focus on that fic again.

Actually, I do need to include this J/M exchage from the aforesaid comment conversation, when Jonathan suggests a potential name of Harry...

Maddy: "You are NOT naming our child after Harry bloody Potter..."
Jonathan: "...Houdini. Harry Houdini."
Maddy: "Err, Jonathan, have you ever even visited the 21st Century?"

It's kind of awesome and adorable in equal measure, really...

(The other suggestions Eni and I were throwing around were various characters played by Stephen Fry, including Oscar and Bertie... but only because of the QI link, really. :P)

So, to sum up: Jonathan Creek is awesome, J/M is more complex than I gave it credit for, and my fic needs updating. As ever.

This is where the e-mail comes in.

I've FINALLY written the prologue to "Breakfast on Sunset" (formerly "Sunset at Tiffany's"...), having typed it up (and re-written most of it) last night. I sent it to Jenny straight afterwards, and in response she's sent me a random scene to put into the body of the fic, though it's set straight after where the Prologue leaves us.

I haven't read it yet because her very description made it sound wonderful. So I decided not to read it first thing this morning on checking my e-mails because it would have resulted in my concentration being shot to hezmana. Not that it isn't already - I have to keep snapping myself out of an SB-induced haze, so it's just as well I can do audio-typing with half a brain... She's warned me it's only short, but she has this amazing tendency to write beautifully simple narratives with pitch perfect dialogue and characterisation, and my brain fills in the gaps.

So I shall either read it tonight after choir (and probably get no sleep as a result, so may be best not to...) or tomorrow afternoon...


*ahem* That's the squee. :)

I think this fic will be epically brilliant when it's done, if it's ever done, and I'm thinking it should be immortalised somewhere. Over the course of seven years or so, my first SB story has slowly gathered reviews from fanfiction-hunters, so I probably couldn't hold the chapters of the crossover to ransom, or they'd get posted every five years. :P I might just put it on my website, which will kick my arse into gear about creating some more pages and actually putting content on there. Mind you, that's assuming I have the drive to finish it... I'm still overdue re-watching BaT anyway.

Anyway. The Prologue basically situations where the fic begins. I mentioned already that it's set in a post-SB timeline wherein Joe does not die, so I've had to put together a slightly choppy, brief bit of background explaining why. Essentially, Norma is a bad shot, misses him completely, and he gets away. Then realises he has nowhere else to go and goes back after a few weeks of serious thinking, the situation is different without the overhanging presence of the movie script, and the inevitable happens. Basically I needed to get the characters to a point where I could work with them in the context of the fic's plot.

I may actually have to expand on some of the prologue's inferences later within the fic, however. I love writing confession scenes and the prologue just sort of brushes over it, which meant I was havng to sit on the Inner Shipper (who is called Nautica, if you've all forgotten) and tell her to be quiet. But given the course of the fic will be Joe writing to Norma from NY and reminiscing, as the things he does with Holly dredge up memories (we have an idea already about the 'day of firsts'...), that confession scene will more than likely get written.

*Nautica starts purring* Yes, dear, I know. *pats her on the head*

Hurrah for the pokage of the Muses, at any rate. This crossover was too ingenious a concept to let it die, and it was always my intention to get it off the ground, I just didn't know when or how...

In short, again, Sunset Boulevard is awesome, N/J is always more complex than I gave it credit for, and my fic needs starting. As ever. :P

In other news, my left ear hurts. It has been itching a lot lately so I'm assuming I've just scratched it by accident, but if it gets any worse I'll get to the doctor. The last thing I need is for it to get so bad as to make working impossible, really...

I think that's more than enough fandom-related ramble for one day. I'll get this tape out of the way, go on lunch, and then apparently help out downstairs because they're struggling...
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