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More fandom stuff, sorry...

There's not much to do here (again!) so be warned in advance that this will probably be long... again. Sorry, I seem to be in a particularly superfluous mood lately.

Before I forget for the seventeenth time, there were a couple of other things I meant to put into my SB London write-up and didn't. If I don't write them down soon they will never be immortalised for me to come back to in years to come, so:

  1. One of the most annoying things of attempting to enjoy culture in today's modern age is that when the theatre lights dim, nobody stops talking - instead they dwindle slowly to silence, which is bloody irritating. NO LIGHTS = STOP TALKING. A lot of musicals these days begin with a quiet, spoken scene - almost like the teaser you get in TV shows - so it takes even longer for people to be quiet and listen. Les Misérables solves this quite effectively by starting with a very loud overture - it's very sit-up-in-your-seat-and-listen in its approach. I know when I saw it in London I was very much "Okay, I'm paying attention!"

    SB tackled this problem in a very similar manner. There's an 'overture' of sorts just before "Let's Have Lunch", though I personally consider the 'car chase' music to be the proper overture. It's clever, really, because there are two big orchestral numbers like that, and they correllate to the two different worlds that Joe inhabits - Norma's mansion and 'reality'. Dunno what it says about me that I prefer the former. :P Anyway, in order to solve the problem of people just not being quiet when the lights dim, SB began with three gunshots, causing everyone immediately STFU. It was awesome. :D

  2. There was a bit where Eni and I broke down into hysterical giggles, not so much because something was funny (at least, not that funny) but because we weren't expecting it. During "Eternal Youth", there was this completely random sound effect thrown in on 'love handles', causing us both to crack up. Hilarious. I mean, the song is bizarre enough to start with and that just made it worse...

Right, now those are written down I don't have to keep remembering them. *files them away*

Tired again today, though I fully expected to be. Paul was out at Broken Amp (acoustic night at the Adam and Eve) so I spent the night on YIM with Eni and working on Chapter One of "Breakfast on Sunset". Still not quite sure on that title, but it'll do for a work in progress. After random MP3 synchronicity this morning I kind of want to call it "Hallelujah"...

Anyway, I knew Paul would be back after midnight and inevitably wake me up, and my plan had been to stay on the PC until he got back, but that didn't happen. I intended to go to bed - to do some writing - at about 10.30, but eventually actually managed to do so 45 minutes later. And was still writing fic at 12.30am. So it's entirely my own fault that I'm tired, but, well, it's Friday and I couldn't care less. :P

Got the majority of Chapter One done, at least, and got to the point I wanted to. I lost the inspiration right towards the very end, which was annoying, though I know vaguely what happens. Unfortunately I think I mangled Jenny's dialogue snippet so I'll have to tweak it as appropriate later when I can re-read it...

Had a few more ideas, too, which I must e-mail to her before I forget them. My right thumb, index finger and third finger are stained with purple ink from my fountain pen (oddly satisfying), but hopefully the scribblings from last night are somewhat more legible than they would be with biro...

Yesterday afternoon I finally finished Chapter Three of the JC-fic, which is now officially titled "A Lot to Answer For". It needs going over again but at least it's done. Damn these characters who never talk to each other properly. :P I think I need to put together some kind of actual chapter plan for this story before it runs away of its own volition.

Might be a busy weekend - Paul is working Saturday and I have to go into Moseley to get a funky Mother's Day card, and then it's Paul's turn to cook the Mother's Day Lunch on Sunday. Must also get flowers to put on the table, tidy up so the place looks presentable - I mean, I'm sure they KNOW we're lazy slobs, but it's nice to keep up appearances (:P) - and figure out what to get as a present... which I should probably do tonight, actually. Hm, trip to the Pier, maybe.

I need to get my hair cut, but as I'm manning the typing on my own until April it's been quite difficult to get away early. Excellent for flex, obviously, but somewhat knackering.

Anyway. At some point I promise to write an entry which isn't about Sunset Boulevard or Jonathan Creek. Or X-Files for that matter. :P Fandom is infinitely more interesting than real life; go figure.
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