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Ankle / Foot Update...

So, at 9.30 my foot was still throbbing so Paul convinced me to go to A&E. We rang a taxi and got to Selly Oak around 10.00ish... they had two traumas that night so we were kept waiting ages (and also Triage stops at 10.30 by the looks of it), finally got home at 3.00am (!).

Anyway - five hours and an x-ray later, turns out I have a broken metatarsal. So I didn't re-break the cuboid, so it'll probably take longer to heal. I have to go back in tomorrow morning to get this cast off so they can take another look when the swelling's gone down but in all likelihood I'll be off work for a bit.

Today Paul had to stay off work because I can't get to the frelling bathroom because of the step which caused all this hassle in the first place - can get up it okay, getting down is a bastard. God knows how I'm going to manage on Monday. Lisa drove Paul into Moseley so he could pick up a mother's day present for me from Zen, and got all the shopping for tomorrow. Also my mum rang about something unrelated so now she knows and did offer to drive us to hospital tomorrow morning, but it's a bit far out for them, really... It's only six quid in a taxi. Lisa also said she would have driven us last night, but, you know, it was late. I don't like to ask...

They gave me some co-codamol to take but they're nasty little things. I had two last night and felt queasy. One this morning and I ended up nodding off for an hour. The pain isn't actually that bad unless I accidentally put weight on it, though. (And, gah, my leg keeps itching inside the plaster.... *whines*)

Ironically, all of last week I was knackered and bemoaning the fact that I couldn't get to sleep because the Muses were chattering at me into the small hours - so a week off work would have been muchly appreciated. Fate's a bitch, but at least she has a sense of humour...
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