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Gentle exercise.

Paul is *ahem* off sick today, so we decided to enjoy the weather and give my recuperating ankle some gentle exercise. Went to Wetherspoon's for breakfast and then for a wander around Kings Heath Park (with camera) in the sunshine. On the way back we wandered into a couple of charity shops - got McEwan's Atonement for 99p, which will save me having to buy it off Amazon - and Sainsbury's to get some bits and pieces. My foot hurts a little bit as a result, but that's to be expected.

Pictures are on Flickr, starting at the beginning of the photostream, here. Might put them on Facebook later, might not. :P

So, quite a productive day.

Yesterday I made a start on an insanely complicated cross-stitch set of a unicorn, on black aida and with multiple 'mixed' colours, though only managed to do a few leaves. I've ordered a rolling frame from Readicut because I'm worried my 10" hoop is going to ruin the cloth, as it's quite thick... Hasn't arrived yet, but in any case, this time I might scan the embroidery to demonstrate my progress... it's probably going to take a few months. :D
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