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I probably shouldn't write this down...

...for fear it'll come back and bite me in the eema, but in any case...

We are now over halfway through series 3 of Jonathan Creek (only two more episodes with Maddy in *sniff*), today getting through "The Omega Man" and "Ghost's Forge" (no idea why the title of the episode has an apostrophe when the entire point of the episode is that the house name does not - David Renwick messing with our minds, or just lazy editing?).

Anyway, whilst watching "The Omega Man", I was bitten on the ankle by a rabid plot bunny demanding I write a crossover with X-Files. The presence of the US Government just makes it TOO EASY. I can totally imagine how it starts.

Mulder: Hey, Scully, I got tipped off about this great case in England, wanna hear?

Conversation / file gets intercepted or whatever, cue the US Government getting shipped out to England to capture the so-called EBE in order to Deny All Knowledge, which then subsequently disappears into thin air and results in Jonathan ending up on the case (as per the episode), and Scully, eventually, being right for once that it wasn't paranormal in the slightest. :D

I will absolutely not be writing this idea - *squishes plot bunny* - but just wanted to let it air itself in public before I file it safely away in the "Not In A Million Lifetimes" drawer.
Tags: fandom: jonathan creek, fandom: x-files, notoriously bad ideas, writing: fanfiction
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