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An ongoing project.

My hips are absolutely killing me today, I can only assume as a result of yesterday's jaunt around the park. That's what you get for not leaving the house for two weeks, I suppose.

So, I've done nothing very much at all today as a result, other than bring laundry from the attic (carefully) and change the sheet on the bed-sofa in the living room, which now looks a lot tidier.

Under the cut is the first scan of many of my latest embroidery project. I would post what the finished product is meant to look like, but that would ruin it. ;)

Lots and lots of leaves. More leaves still to come in that colour, plus some more in other colours. My plan currently is to get through all of the single-colour sections before moving on to the mixed colour sections, as those will take much longer to fiddle with.

This one will probably keep me going for a good while. I need to stop now because I've nearly reached the edge of my 10" hoop and am waiting for the frame to arrive from Readicut so I can get on with it properly.

And that's it. I do have a random JC post-ep fic idea wandering in my brain (for "The Omega Man") and also want to talk about series 3 in general in terms of Jonathan/Maddy (which... yeah, very interesting... there's a level I'd not noticed before and I need to write it down once Paul and I finish the re-watch) before it all goes to buggery with "Satan's Chimney". The post-ep story doesn't really have a plot yet, just an image. That ending is just... cruel and unfair, and needs something doing to it. I shall probably put it on jonathancreek if it doesn't get too long, to at least scout out potential interest / audience for "A Lot to Answer For" should it ever get further off the ground...

Anyway, that's all for today.
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