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JC dream --> fic ideas.

I mentioned this briefly on Twitter, but here is the longer version.

I had this incredibly surreal dream yesterday morning that I absolutely cannot remember in the slightest, except that I think I was trying to escape from cavaliers / terrorists / pirates (all three at once), woke up briefly and then went into another dream wherein I was trying to describe the previous dream to my mum. Odd.

Before that dream, however, I can remember having a very brief JC-related bit of randomness before Paul's alarm went off at 5.45am and woke me up (he'd forgotten to turn it off from the day before). All I can remember is that it was set at the end of series 3 and they'd just finished this harrowing investigation, and had decided to go on holiday somewhere. There was some mention of how much time Adam would let Jonathan have off, and that's all I can remember.

Afterwards, I ended up not being able to get to sleep for another hour or so (thus leading into the surreal and mostly-forgotten dream above) and ended up with two vaguely interesting JC fic ideas.

The first is the "Omega Man" tag I wanted to do, though at the moment all I have for that is a couple of random images which may not lead anywhere.

The second is a post-series 3 notion incorporating a scene which was going to be in my last chapterfic effort before it dried up. Using the idea of having finished some particularly awful investigation and wanting a break from it, I like the concept of them disappearing off on holiday somewhere for a couple of weeks. Except then Maddy gets the news from Barry (her publisher) that he wants her to go on that junket around the US, which has the potential to take months. Cue a sequence in a coffee shop where she asks Jonathan to go with her for a while, and obviously he can't because of theatre commitments.

I would like it to go some way to explaining Jonathan's bitterness in the latest Christmas special, perhaps that she decided not to come back. I had a brief idea just before New Year where Joey and Maddy were e-mailing each other not knowing how they were connected, through some random course of events, which was going to contain a 'flashback' to the last e-mail Jonathan sends her, around about the time of series 4... I can always attempt to incorporate it here instead.

Not sure where it's going, but the coffeeshop sequence where she breaks the news was originally going to be in the chapterfic and I'd quite like to write it as a standalone...

That's about it, really. I should probably go to bed.
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