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More embroidering...

The frame arrived this afternoon, so I've done a bit more of my embroidery.

Slightly better scan this time...

That's everything done in that one colour now. My plan of doing all the single-colour sections first has been thwarted by being, if not impossible, then incredibly difficult. It will involve a lot of counting and that inevitably always goes wrong. So, more leaves tomorrow, then.

Yesterday I ended up watching The Water Horse and The Colour Purple, both thanks to Sky Movies, as the usual terrestrial fare for Bank Holiday Monday was useless. Today I got out the DVD of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because I missed it on Sunday due to cooking dinner. As much as I enjoy the film, the constant Americanisation really starts to grate after a while. Not just the mentions of 'candy' where they mean 'chocolate', but the monetary unit being dollars. It seems to be set in this bizarre Anglo-American hybrid of a place which can't decide where it wants to be. Other than that, though, I still love the little references to previous films (Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood; even the TV Room glasses are somewhat reminiscent of Nightmare Before Christmas...) and the general visual prettiness...

Trailer for Corpse Bride on the DVD so I might watch that tomorrow. I'm actually quite overdue a Tim Burton marathon, though it will involve digging out the videos from upstairs as I don't have a full collection on DVD as yet... Hm, perhaps at some point. I'll add it to the never-ending to-do list.

It's mine and Paul's anniversary on Thursday (four years) and we're going to a local tapas restaurant called Byzantium, so that should be nice. Paul also has a four-day weekend from Thursday so hopefully we might get a bit of spring cleaning done...

Nothing else to report. Over and out.
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