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More sewing...

You can't really tell, but there are new leaves in a slightly different shade of green...

Watched The Corpse Bride this afternoon, for the first time in ages. Only the third viewing of the film, too. It doesn't have the same magic which made Nightmare Before Christmas so amazing, but is nevertheless an obviously masterful feat of animation. I'm quite looking forward to Coraline in May (apparently back in 1993 Jack Skellington had a potential 400 expressions; Coraline's range, 16 years down the line, is somewhere in the thousands...!) and can hopefully read the book quite quickly before then.

We finished series 3 of Jonathan Creek half an hour ago and I will post some thoughts later on at some point... :)

I'm going to get my hair cut tomorrow morning. Was going to attempt to grow it out, but it's at that annoying too-thick-in-betweeny stage at the moment, and it's not only our anniversary tomorrow but my grandmother's birthday on the 24th, which equates to two nice meals out for which I do not wish to have stupid hair. I'll start re-growing after this and hopefully by August (my mum's birthday) it will be somewhere resembling a length...
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