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Two more scans...

The pale green on the first scan took me about a day and a half, mostly because I kept finding bits of the other colours I'd accidentally missed. Lighter green took a couple of hours yesterday, either side of a trip into Birmingham to sit around by the canals...

Thankfully, you can't tell, but towards the left of the design I was out by about one stitch in a couple of places, which has led to some interesting improvisation...

Double-checked this morning where Saturday's concert is, and luckily it's at the Town Hall, not Worcester as I had envisaged. My logic was therefore correct and we are doing the Elgar in Worcester, as is right and proper. I need to revise the music this week.

There are still tickets left for Saturday if anyone fancies it: 7.30pm, Birmingham Town Hall, Rossini's Petite Messe Sollenelle.
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