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Post-Physio Update.

Another scan under the cut, quite big...

That's the whole width. There is a lot more brown to go, but it's all down the bottom and I'm not counting that far. As I'm changing colour for the next bit, I figured a scan was due.

Had my physio appointment this morning. They've given me one of those Theraband things (it's bright green) to exercise with in order to strengthen the right leg/ankle, as it is quite weakened. They're going to keep my file open for a month and then discharge me if I don't need to come back. Physiotherapist doesn't reckon it was broken, but still, even a bad sprain needs time to heal. I'm now wondering if I did break it the last time or not, as that cast was only on for a week and they're supposed to take 6 weeks to heal.

Ah well, my body is always bizarre, I suppose the bones are no exception. Kind of scary that if I broke it when I was 16 that I've been walking on a semi- / not-quite-healed foot for 10 years... :/

Anyway, off to a pub quiz with work peeps later. Just going to rip a few more CDs and sit around online until I have to go. ;)
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