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Back to Work...

Well, today wasn't as bad as anticipated. I wasn't insanely tired - not even any requirement for coffee this morning. Let's see how long that lasts.

I had a pleasant surprise on my desk when I arrived, in the form of these lovely flowers...

There was also a piece of paper saying "We've missed you!" underneath it. I was going to take a photo before I sat down, but forgot.

I had 233 e-mails (whittled down to 43 of any remote importance), which was a lot less than I was anticipating... Have been recounting the Tale of the Foot all morning.

On Friday night, we went out to the Lutley Oak pub for my grandmother's birthday. Despite them not arriving until about an hour after the allotted time, and the food taking ages to turn up, it was very nice indeed. I ended up having a steak with stilton and peppercorn sauce, which was lovely. Seeing as we didn't get back to my mum's until just before 10.00pm, Paul and I ended up staying over for the night, getting up earlyish the next morning to be driven back home. We all stopped off at Moseley village to visit the farmers' market, where we bought two interesting Derbyshire cheeses (garlic and herb, and real ale and mustard - the latter is very interesting...) and some wild boar sausages, after trying some on the stall for breakfast. There was a lot more I wanted to buy and there was a hog roast which looked mouth-wateringly delicious, so we'll definitely be going back next time...

Got back and my mum and David had a look at Lisa's paintings (with the possibilty of commissioning one when the lounge is decorated!), and David gave her some advice on where to get framing materials to make her own canvasses. After that it was a rehearsal for me, and then the concert of the evening, though I managed to get through the majority of Coraline in the break between the two. Concert went okay, though the turn-out was a bit poor...

Yesterday I did more embroidery (scan later, probably), and put up our new shower curtain:

The plan is to get other lime green accessories, though for some reason nowhere now seems to sell lime green toilet seats. I might just stick "lime green toilet seat" into Google or eBay and see what I end up with...

As for work today, it's been mostly painless. The backlog is now cleared and that's about it, really. Still half-considering going for the secretarial position (secondment until September, when Marie is back off sick leave, as Gaynor is covering in her absence and thus the post of David's Secretary is up for grabs...), purely because I think Sandra is also considering it and the thought fills me with vague terror... and the rest of our team, too, I would imagine.

The AD wants to know by Friday, so I'll give it a ponder. The extra money would be very much appreciated. Apparently David thinks I could do the job (at least according to Gaynor...) but I'm also their fastest typist and don't want to leave them in the lurch with another Rubbish Temp. We have one Rubbish Temp already, and one of the fee earners in that team already avoids her like the plague. :P

So... watch this space, I suppose.

I think that's about it. I shall post some more photographs on Flickr momentarily.
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