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Bathroom Plan Thwarted...

Apparently, lime green toilet seats do not exist. For some reason, people are more likely to buy one which is avocado or light turquoise, but those people are clearly boring. :P

I'm absolutely certain that lime green toilet seats existed once upon a time, but perhaps I'm mistaken. I've tried Google, Amazon and eBay to no success, and even though there are some very funky 'designer' seats out there, I don't want to pay £80, thank you.

I'll have to go for Plan B, I suppose: buy a tin of lime green gloss paint, wait for a nice weather day, sand down the current seat and paint it. I had thought of this before as a viable option, but it would have been quicker to buy one...

I suppose Plan B will be cheaper... assuming I can even find lime green gloss paint.

You can get no end of other lime green accessories - toilet brushes, toothbrush holders, etc. - but apparently not toilet seats. I imagine if Ikea sold seats they would do one (as they sell bathmats and shower curtains in that colour), but alas, they do not...

Watch this space, I suppose.
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