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Highly Enjoyable Telly

Having missed Monday night's episode of Ashes to Ashes, Paul and I watched it last night on Replay.

Goodness, that was enjoyable. :)

Back to feeling the Gene/Alex love very much so after last week (shut up, last week's Metro reviewer, some of us actually enjoy the UST... in fact I would wager that for the majority of us it's why we keep watching...) and had almost forgotten - as ever with my fandoms of late - how brilliant it is. Heart-thumpingly, breath-hitchingly brilliant.

Also had two very amusing lines, though I imagine they'll lose a bit in writing them down.

Firstly, this one, as Alva (the gypsy girl) is giving birth in the field, and Gene has run over to see where Alex has got to.

Gene: [looks over, adopts panic face] Ooh. That's occurrin', then.

Literally had me giggling helplessly for about five minutes, to the extent that I missed the majority of the "Come on, Eileen" gag. I think it was the use of the word "ocurring" more than anything else, combined with the accent...

And then this one later on, after Gene has announced that the oxtail soup has been returned to the drinks dispenser thanks to him writing a letter.

Alex: Wasn't much of a letter, though, was it - "Oxtail. Now."...

It was so quick I almost missed it, but still. HEE. :D

The rest of it is all quite intriguing, still. I imagine two series of A2A would be just as sufficient as the two were for LoM - not over-egging the cake and all that. I like the fact that one of the other smaller mysteries of the series is whether Gene Hunt is actually a real person (as Alex now seems to think), rather than a 'construct', which makes the coma vs. time-travel element more interesting.

In other news, all the fee earners are at their away-day today, so obviously there's no work to do. I managed to drag some copy-typing out for a couple of hours this morning but there is now nothing left. Ho hum. I might as well work on the JC chapter fic, or maybe start one of those other ideas...
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