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An Irritation, and Several Public Service Announcements...

I don't think I did recount on here my Nero Saga...

Okay. A while ago during a conversation with Eni, I ended up scouring through my various image back-up CDs to try and find the amazing picture Naomi drew for me of a scene from my Farscape fic, "Rhapsody". The fact that I can't find it is neither here nor there, as I imagine she has the original somewhere in her vast black hole of a bedroom. At least, I hope, otherwise it's gone forever. I have no idea how this happened since I still have bits of the Farscape Horror Show picture and a few others of hers knocking around, but anyway. It'll either turn up, or it won't.

This picture hunt was not the picture hunt which was the precursor to Nero being completely random and stupid. Instead, I now realise, I was looking for the old Fahrbot.Com 404 pictures, which are lost to the vast depths of the interwebs. (But I've left the first paragraph in anyway.) One of the old back-up CDs (which more than likely even pre-dates said pictures, but I was getting desperate by this point) was created a very very long time ago using a very very old version of Nero - or so I presume. It may even have been created using Roxio, assuming all of the CDs I made with that software didn't crash one after the other. Anyway, I tried to open the CD to explore it and was informed I needed to install a bit of software in order to read the CD. Fair enough, off I toddled to the Nero website, and happily downloaded said bit of software...

... in the process of which, the installation decided that I didn't actually need any of Nero 8, and deleted the entire programme.

Now, I obtained Nero 8 when I installed Nero 7 onto my PC (a pirated copy with a legit registration number, if you can call it legit...), which argued horribly with Vista and eventually pointed me towards downloading the upgrade to Nero 8. Which was free. After which point, despite a few teething problems, it seemed to work absolutely fine.

I tried doing a system restore to get rid of the stupid CD reader thing (which didn't work anyway, as it turned out, and nearly crashed the entire bloody system when I tried to open the CD again), but this obviously did not bring back my version of Nero. I lent my copy of Nero 7 and Photoshop 7 to my mum (she wanted to try out Photoshop) but as of mother's day that CD has also disappeared into their study - somewhat annoying as it was my only copy, but never mind. I also attempted to find the registration number in the depths of the PC's registration files, also to no avail.

So, just now I attempted to install Nero 6 and/or Nero 5 using an old software CD that scifinutter made me many moons ago. Nero 6 doesn't work, Nero 5 does work but is so outdated I can only dread to think what it might do. So I just thought, "Fuck it, I'll download the new version."

Thankfully you can get a discount if you're a 'previous customer', so instead of spending £49.99 I've spent £39.99 instead. Bizarrely, the discount was higher when I put in the Nero 5 serial number rather than Nero 6 - obviously it felt sorry for me. :P

I don't particularly mind having to pay for it (it's still bloody cheaper than anything by Microsoft), but I am quite annoyed that it was Nero's bloody stupid installation which caused the problem in the first place. Not the sort of thing I can take to their customer services (you need proof of purchase; I have a keygen), even though I am sorely tempted. I've had to get it now because Lisa is taking some photographs of her artwork with our camera, and wants them putting on a CD (obviously the camera software is up here). Yes, I know full well you can do stuff like that within Explorer, but at some point I'm going to probably need Nero nonetheless, whether it's for DVDs or making covers, hence just biting the bullet.

Still, though. GAH. Corporate bastards.

The public service announcements are actually more requests. I have now not only lost my Photoshop 7 CD, but my version of Office 2003, which disappeared bloody months ago even before I moved.

I know I copied PS7 for Eni at the very least, and I copied Office 03 for someone at BCC ages ago also (who I'll contact if all else fails). I can't remember if I also copied it for Eni. So really this is a plea to Eni rather than anyone else, unless they can help. ;)

Eni, can you copy my copy of PS7 for me? And Office 03 if you have it? (I have Office 00 - and I know I did you a copy of that, too - but it's really bloody annoying. Admittedly not as annoying as 07, of which there is a free trial on this PC - gah, idiot proof much? Why can't they just leave things how they are? What's with the stupid bloody massive buttons everywhere? *grumblegrumble*)

Aaaand finally, here's a poll, because I'm ridiculously ambivalent / indecisive and literally can't decide what to do.

What should I do with my hair?

Cut it short again
Grow it out

Because I do want to grow it out (and will have to get it trimmed at some point eventually to ease this task) but equally I want to cut it off again. I call upon the collective brain to make my decision for me.
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