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Job application thingy signed, sealed and delivered this morning, after half-copying an old application form blurb last night. Now I can stop stressing for a bit.

I had this really, really strange dream this morning... From what I can remember, I was reading a copy of Empire. This is the only remotely normal thing to happen within the dream.

It was another of those strange Sunset Boulevard-related dreams which happen after the event, years down the line. I don't think I've ever had a dream about SB wherein I actually dreamt about the characters themselves. They've always been either about the UK tour cast (which was understandable given my stalking them activities at the time) or about SB itself as a phenomenon - in museums and documentaries and, this time, in Empire magazine.

Anyway. Empire was giving me out-takes or at least missing sequences. (My brain seems to be obsessed with this lately - the subconscious equivalent of 'missing scene' fic?) In my head they were actually like bits of film, but obviously as it was in a magazine they can't have been. In any event, it was some random shippy nonsense which I couldn't properly describe even if I tried, but needless to say, it was N/J related... The only part I can accurately remember, and only because it was so vivid, was some kind of publicity shot - or so I assume, it had that feel to it - where Norma was on some sort of couch or chaise-longue (striking a pose, obviously :P), surrounded by the 'waxworks', and Joe was sitting at her feet on an ottoman or similiar. An interesting observation for my subconscious to provide, given the entry I intended to write about power in wake of Eni's shipper!post... (It was also very definitely the film cast, as the majority of my dreams have been lately...)

I remember being very excited about this revelation (obviously) and telling Paul about it. And then it turned out Eni lived in our cellar (whuh??) so I was running down there to tell her about it, too, in a very "OMG you won't believe what I just found!" way.

After this I was playing something on the DS. It was vaguely similar to Professor Layton, in that you had to progress by solving little mini-games, but it seemed as though there were only a certain number of different games, but their levels got harder as you went along. At the point I was playing it, there were two such mini-games left. The one I was playing was some kind of racing / time trial thing involving the character having to complete a course, which included jumping over large ravines. I kept falling into one particular ravine and having to start over, eventually giving up.

Then for some reason I was at work, but work was a supermarket, even though I was still typing, and we were also living in the supermarket (me, Paul and Eni, still) and I was then going to work again. That bit was somewhat WTF, to say the least...


My foot has not been happy the past couple of days. I think my work shoes are to blame; they are too small in terms of the actual shoe-size, but simultaneously too wide for my narrow feet. They also have a 1.5" wedge heel on them, and I think all of these factors have been responsible for my foot hurting yesterday and Tuesday (but not so much Wednesday, when I was wearing a skirt and hence different shoes). I've bought some slightly more sensible work shoes from Deichman, leather ones which will hopefully be waterproof and which fit much better. £25 for leather shoes really isn't bad, considering I'll doubtless wear them to death and they'll last probably four times longer than the faux-leather cheap equivalents from Priceless... Yet more money I ddin't really intend to spend, though.

The physiotherapist reckoned it wasn't broken because it had stopped hurting and the swelling had gone down, but I personally reckon it was / is. (Worrying that four entirely different doctors / specialists told me four entirely different things...) If I catch or jar it at the wrong angle it's still quite painful, and the only way I can describe it is as though the bones need to be 'cricked'. It's weird.

Still, I'm probably going to start going swimming again, as after a while last time my foot eventually stopped cramping, and exercise can only be of the good.

Aaand finally, I'm going to get my hair cut tonight. Poll answers were unforthcoming (50% in either direction) but I shall keep it short for the summer (now, watch it rain...) and start growing it after Christmas.

Another quiet day so I might work on some writing...
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