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Bank Holiday Outing.

But first:

Again, not a particularly good composite, but that's all of the medium brown done. There's a bit of the dark brown left to do but I can't quite get to it yet...

Today, Lisa and I drove out to Knowle to scout out a potential pub for her to take her date to next week. We started off at Black Boy, where we had lunch (I had a huge steak and ale pie and Lisa had the cajun chicken), before wandering down the canal path to The Heron's Nest, for lovely summer cordial drinks. Then back to the first pub for dessert (sticky toffee waffle pudding for me, and chocolate sponge with ice cream for Lisa) and back home again. Far too much food, but fairly good value for the size of the portions.

We were out a good four hours. A shame the weather wasn't better, but no worse than expected considering it's a bank holiday. Just watch the sun come out again tomorrow.

Other than that the weekend has been lazy. Paul and I tidied up the hall on Saturday and then my mum and David came over to go to Byzantium - £70 all in for four people really isn't bad. Sunday Paul was at work, same again today. So much of the usual, really.

Nowt else to report.
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