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Last week's stress has finally begun to manifest itself - the skin around my right middle fingernail is peeling quite horrendously, and the ring finger's started to go as well. Left hand is okay so far. I might put some Sudocrem on them tonight... All of my random stress reactions take about a week to kick in; at least this time I was expecting it. I'm usually trying to remember what kicked it off. ;)

They've turned the heating off at work this morning, so I had to run out at about 10.00 to get some hot chocolate in order to warm myself up.

Weekend was quite fun. Saturday morning was slightly marred by having a headache first thing, which I attribute to not eating properly. When I have brown bread every day I do tend to feel generally healthier, and my stomach has been a bit complainy of late, too. Back to the healthy(ish) eating today.

In the afternoon we went out to Alison's birthday picnic at Cannon Hill Park. Obviously, it was lovely and sunny on the way there - we walked from Moseley having just missed the bus - until we were walking through the park, when the heavens opened. The rain kept coming, off and on, for the majority of the afternoon, and the picnic took place on the bandstand. Much amusement was had, especially when Paul and Lloyd got fed up of sitting on the floor and went to fetch a picnic table, until someone said that the bandstand wouldn't withstand the weight, at which point they abandoned the table halfway up the slope... My description of this is done better justice by the photographs, which are on Facebook, here.

Paul and I left after an hour or so because we were cold from the walk in the rain. At the point we decided to leave it was chucking it down again so we held on for a bit and then - obviously - when we walked back to Moseley (uphill, gah), the sun had come out again. Typical. :P

In the evening we rented Zack and Miri Make a Porno from cable, which was actually surprisingly good...

Sunday was fairly sedate. We were going to go out if the weather was okay, but obviously it wasn't, so we stayed in. Watched the second Jonathan Creek Christmas special, "Satan's Chimney". I appear to be finding Carla a lot less irritating than the first time around, which is somewhat worrying. I now suddenly realise I completely missed the postcard scene... am now wondering if it was in a different episode entirely, though I'm fairly sure it's in "SC", because I mentioned it in my post-episode tag... Hm. Might need to re-watch and find it.

My two favourite moments in the episode are those little mentions of Maddy, firstly when Carla finds the book, and then a little throwaway comment from Jonathan later on. The exchange goes something like this:

Carla: *finding book* Oh, is this that woman you-
Jonathan: Correct.
Carla: So where-?
Jonathan: Texas, on some publishing junket.
Carla: And-?
Jonathan: Just the once, in a hotel, which we decided was probably a mistake.
Carla: Sorry, are you always this-?
Jonathan: Pre-emptive? Yeah. That was the problem.

The throwaway line is: "You can see why America beckoned..." after Bill Bailey's character lets himself into Carla's flat and chaos ensues, implying that this sort of thing is par for the course where knowing Jonathan is concerned...

It's so very typical of this series in general: saying much more than at first glance. Carla certainly isn't taking the hint that Jonathan quite obviously doesn't want to talk about it, at least judging by his snippy interruptions. The "that was the problem" line speaks volumes, and not just in the way it effectively ends the conversation. I used it as the basis of a sequence in my last abandoned chapter fic, and as much as I dislike the idea that they may have parted on less-than-amicable terms, it's an incredibly plausible assumption that Jonathan would try to be five steps ahead all the time and drive Maddy insane. I imagine he might try too hard without even realising it, and subsequently end up doing or saying the wrong thing - especially given her tendency to internalise everything and just not tell him anything.

It's a shame; like most of my favourite ships, it's essentially doomed. Assuming the postcard scene did exist and I didn't just make it up or misplace it, they do at least seem to be on speaking terms - and continue to be so by the end of series 4, if memory serves, though I'll expand on that when we've gotten around to watching it. I'm very intrigued as to what may have occurred in the interim between that series and the latest Christmas special to make Jonathan so embittered about both Maddy and Carla, let alone why the former has been relegated to the status of She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. (At least, if we're strictly talking about the characters, rather than it being a direct interpretation of David Renwick's bitterness over Caroline leaving the show.)

The list of fics I need to write - either to start or to finish - is growing expontentially. At the moment it stands as:

  • "Black Canary" tag (explaining the weirdness of series 3);
  • "Omega Man" tag (already half-started, then the inspiration vanished);
  • "Three Gamblers" tag (trying to arrange a holiday, when the issue of Maddy's publishing junket comes up)
  • Pre-"Grinning Man" tag (to explain the bitterness; it was also going to involve Maddy e-mailing Joey after stumbling over her blog, where Jonathan basically becomes the subject of their e-mails. I didn't plan it much further than that.)
  • "A Lot to Answer For" (which the more I think about the more I want to finish, but for a lack of actual inspiration)
  • Various other episode tags / missing scenes (mostly to explain or expand upon my series 3 theory), because, well, any excuse for shipping. :P

Too many ideas and not enough brain. :P

Other than that, I did some more embroidery and watched The Unloved, part of C4's "Find Me A Family" season. Also made a spaghetti bolognese last night with some pancetta in it that we picked up from Sainsbury's, and mmmmmm nice.

I don't think there's much else to report.
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