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My Brain Has Gone Wrong

Had coffee this morning because I was exhausted. I've been having half-remembered dreams in deep sleep for the past few days and they always leave me more tired than I should be. Given I've not had coffee for a few days (it was either Friday or Thursday when I had my last one) it has only half-succeeded in waking me up, with a bonus side effect of my head feeling incredibly floaty. I also feel mildly panicky / highly strung / shakey. If this is what caffeine does to me, I don't ever want to try anything stronger, thank you. I mean, I pretty much stopped drinking because I didn't like being drunk, for a number of reasons: I prefer being in control of my faculties, for one, and I talk absolute bollocks when I drink too much. I am also, bizarrely, entirely aware that I'm talking said bollocks, yet equally am unable to stop it. It's a lack of control I'm not entirely comfortable with any more...

In other news, we have run out of headed paper at work. Literally. It was supposed to have arrived on Monday, but as far as I know there's nothing. At the moment the only solution is to photocopy it onto some of the follow sheets I've been slowly collecting, but even that will only last so long. Hopefully when the new batch arrives it won't have the same spelling error as last time (they spelt "exchange" wrong)...

In other, unrelated news, there's a building to let on our road which used to be a newsagent with a flat over it. It's absolutely massive, to say the least. I want to open a cafe / coffee shop there, as there seems to be a cafe on every single side street in Kings Heath and they're always all packed. I would call it OM NOM, which is obviously the perfect name for a greasy cafe. Not that we're going to rent it or anything. Just mentioning. :)

It was the series finale of Ashes to Ashes last night. As with the last series, I can't help but feel somewhat disappointed with the lack of Galex. Especially given the episode summary described a "heart-stopping conclusion", thus leading me to believe there might be some kind of life-or-death decision-making towards the end (Gene vs. Molly, 2009 vs. 1982, or something like that). Thankfully there's going to be a third series, which makes the decidedly ambiguous and WTF ending a little less awful.

It's just... meh. Overall I think series 1 was shippier, though this one has had its moments; perhaps I should say series 1 was more blatant about it, whereas this year it's been a little deeper / less obvious. I was just expecting more from the finale somehow. I mean, he shot her, for goodness' sake. If that's not a potential for H/C, I don't know what is. :P Stoopid BBC.

Here's hoping series 3 delivers. I was absolutely convinced that Life on Mars wouldn't come through with Sam/Annie and was pleasantly surprised, so I'm crossing my fingers for next year...

Not much else to report. Choir rehearsal tonight where I will have to explain my non-attendance on Saturday and apologise profusely for the book being returned late... ah well.
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