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On Saturday we had an impromptu barbecue. As Paul and I were heading out to get supplies - our new rule is to allocate a day each week, usually Saturday, to trying something new out of one of the many recipe books in the kitchen - Lisa decided that because it was a lovely day she was going out to buy a barbecue, so we went out again a couple of hours later to get more MEAT.

The barbecue was lovely. We had two different types of skewered kebabs (steak / prawn with peppers and mushrooms), steaks, hot dogs and burgers, and I'd done some boiled potatoes which we wrapped in foil and left on the grill. Lisa fed us absinthe towards the end of the night but it was incredibly strong so we both gave up within a few sips...

We went to bed quite early due to meat-induced tiredness, but it was an otherwise very pleasant day.

On Sunday, however, I spent the entire day on the sofa wallowing in self-pity, thanks to feeling like complete dren. I was wide awake at 8.30 and probably should have got up at that point, and was then wide awake again when my alarm went off an hour later, but alas went back to sleep for another hour.

I had some breakfast and then helped with drying up as there was a mound of dirty dishes to get through, but halfway through started to feel lightheaded and queasy so had to lie down. I was okay again a few minutes later so went downstairs to hang washing on the line, but then had to lie down AGAIN once I'd finished that, and then spent the rest of the day on the sofa. Paul had to cook the experimental dinner (it was supposed to be my turn) and bring the washing in for me because every time I stood up I thought I was going to fall over. Not very fun.

So, even though it was a gloriously sunny weekend, I only got to enjoy half of it. Stupid body. I'm hoping this isn't going to be a regular reaction to heat, because if it is, I think I'd rather it rain all summer... Plus I dread to think what would happen if I ever go away on holiday somewhere hotter than Britain.


I'm still not feeling quite 100% this morning, as it happens, though obviously I'm well enough to be in work, because my body is mean like that. I'm still a bit woozy-headed. I haven't really been eating properly lately, so I'll attribute the general unwellness to that rather than anything else. However, I have just spied some mini chocolate muffins, and chocolate is the answer to all of life's problems, so I shall have one.
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