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Embroidery Scan.

I didn't find the colour chart in the end, but downloaded it from the website. I then spent a couple of hours matching up the (different) symbols and colour names, which thankfully were written on the hank cards. I now have a nice, neat chart with the new and old symbols and what colours they need, and hopefully this time it won't get eaten.

That being said, here's the latest scan. Not very much different from last time, but more of the darker green is now done.

I'll do a proper update at some point - probably when I get back to work and have nothing to do. :P

Was meant to go through the attic today but really cannot be bothered. I'm still reeling a bit from the SB news and not feeling particularly inclined to do anything. I ended up ordering a pizza last night because I couldn't be arsed to cook (Paul was working 2.00 til 10.00pm anyway), and also because our kitchen striplight has gone and hence cooking after the sun goes down is incredibly difficult. I have a candle in there, but it doesn't help much.

Anyway. Back to more embroidery, I think.
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