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Doing It Oneself

So, went to Ikea, spent just over £100 and it went on the credit card. Though really, that's not bad considering I got all of the following:

2x DVD cabinets
2x CD cabinets (dunno if we might need another one, though)
1x griddle pan
1x wok (£2.93! Bargain!)
1x lime green bathmat
1x set of funnels for kitchen
1x set of cutlery
100 tealights

My first attempt at DIY is here:

The box.

The pieces.

The fixtures

The finished product.

I was going to take pictures of each individual stage of building, but I got carried away with it and forgot. ;)

Those are the CD cabinets; the DVD cabinets are insanely heavy and now my back hurts as a result of my DIY skillz, so Paul can do his manly duty later and build the DVD cabinets for me. :P

We're going to have to move some furniture.
Tags: craftiness, flat, gratuitous spending
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