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Tuesday Tales

Things are looking up today, as Paul has an interview this afternoon (at 1.00pm) for a job at Auchinleck House on Broad Street. His agency rang yesterday to let him know. I'm crossing all my fingers and toes and would ask everyone else nicely to do the same.

I hadn't even been at work an hour this morning when my chair decided to break. I wasn't even doing anything! Just sitting there happily typing away when the left front corner of it suddenly dropped a couple of inches. It's been quite wobbly for a while, admittedly, but yeah. I'm not taking any chances. I borrowed a spare chair (Adults Team use it to sit by the filing cabinet, it would seem) and have since been brought a different and somewhat more comfortable spare from downstairs. There might be a brand new one in the innings if it's approved, as they need to order another one for someone else.

We have our Divisional Away Day tomorrow (the one we all have to attend), which will, as ever, barely concern the WPOs but makes a change from doing any work. This year they've brought back our 'awards ceremony' as a morale booster, as for the past couple of years they didn't bother, instead having a 'Wall of Appreciation' where people could either send in comments in advance or write them on the day. I had lots of lovely comments both years, which was nice.

Anyway, there are several categories for our awards: Best WPO, Best Clerical, Most Successful Case, etc., all in good fun and a nice way to reward people for their hard work. Nathan (one of the IT guys) was wandering around this morning filming people doing their jobs for the purpose, which was a little unnerving and off-putting...

Ah, but guess what? The Moaners are moaning. They don't like the awards. They don't think they're good for morale. They don't think they're fair, because the same people win every year. Well... excuse the vernacular, but... DUH. Maybe there's a reason for that? Just possibly? Maybe if they stopped bloody moaning and did some work, or didn't refuse to do things outside of their tiny little skillbases, they'd get nominated or voted for. It's jealousy, pure and simple; they're treating it as some kind of personality contest when it's about rewarding effort.

Apparently, one of the years when Noor won it, there was a team meeting shortly afterwards and during an open discussion one of them said to her, "Well, why don't you say something, you're the best..." Just... no. The purpose of an award ceremony is not so you can pick on the winner or single them out because of it.

The other annoying thing was trying to order food last night. Firstly we tried one of the many new southern-fried chicken places which sprang up in Kings Heath in the wake of KFC. We attempted to order from them shortly after they'd first opened, only to have their phone ring through to voicemail; assuming that was just an early opening glitch, we tried again last night - same result. So we won't be trying them again.

Then we tried another chip shop which had put a leaflet through the door advertising free delivery (we are lazy, you see), only to have them tell us they don't deliver. Er... okay then.

Eventually we went back to our usual delivering chippy, which we probably should have used in the first place. That or gotten off our backsides and walked ten minutes down the road. ;)

I got soaked on the way to work this morning. Was that the summer, then?

It still amuses me how much Britain panics when we have any extreme of weather; I mean, we had a proper extended heatwave in 2006 (i.e. that one which made me ill) and then we get one in 2009 for about two weeks and the warnings start being issued by the Met Office. ;)

Which reminds me, I think I forgot to mention that we caught the majority of Michael Moore's Sicko the other week. Conclusion? Move to France. They have things good over there.

Nowt else to report, except that I'm hungry and about to have my lunch...

Edit, 16.23: Paul thinks the interview went well; they'll let him know tomorrow.

In other news, we're going to try out the new griddle pan tonight on some steaks. I should not be so excited about this. :)
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