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A Small Annoyance

First off, Paul didn't get the job. They gave him some positive feedback but the person who got the job had more experience in certain areas. Fair enough, but something of a bummer. He has a few other options, so all is not lost.

Here's an annoyance from work just now.

Okay. So. At 9.45 this morning one of the fee earners from Adults put in a long tape containing two Briefs to Counsel. She just put it in the tray and left it there; no verbal instructions, no hint on when it was needed by: nothing. In such circumstances, therefore, we typists will naturally assume that said work is required merely within the usual 24-hour timescales and not prioritise it.

Anyway, just before going on lunch one of our South locums also requested an urgent - the proper way, I mean. She came up with it, asked if it would be done, ascertained it wouldn't, and got it signed off. All present and correct. I booked it in and left it on top of the book so that whoever got there first could do it after lunch.

So, at 1.00pm I headed out to Tesco to get my lunch (and some cakes for the team, because they were cheap). Precisely halfway through eating my sandwich, Adults fee earner wandered past me and said, "Did you get my Briefs, I put them in earlier... can you do those for me?" and said they were urgent.

I waved my sandwich at her and expressed my unfortunate situation of being on lunch - she did accept that I wasn't going to do right that second, but nonetheless it Needed To Be Done - then I proceeded to send an email to the rest of the typists to see if anyone could do it, as Noor had not yet returned from her own lunch break. I received one reply from Miss Moany-Pants saying she was too busy - well, thanks for the info, but that doesn't exactly help me - except then Noor came back and is now typing it.

Just... GAH. If you need something by a certain time, TELL US. We're not bloody psychic. Also, just because you think it's priority doesn't mean it IS priority. Just because it's the only thing you've dictated doesn't mean it's the only thing dictated all morning by anyone, and thus does not mean it will get done automatically.

Nowt else to report except that I'm losing the will to live and want to go home - alas, still an hour to go.
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