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Health + Film Review

I have no idea what's going on with my nose lately. I think it's left over cat-allergy from Sunday night because we went to see Pauls' mum. The antihistamine successfully prevented my eye from flaring up (which was just as well considering the cat is affectionate / clingy to the point of looking offended if you stop stroking him; it's quite cute, he lifts one front leg as if to wave at you and attact your attention...) but I started sneezing after a few hours. It was also quite chilly on Sunday night, which didn't help... I took a Benilyn night-time cold tablet before I went to bed (good quality of sleep, hurrah) and was a bit sniffly yesterday too, then made the mistake of wearing the same top when I got in as yesterday, which was obviously covered in cat hairs and drool, which set the sneezing off again.

I was incredibly bunged up last night, too, and still a bit this morning. Which, in the middle of the current global swine flu panic, is making me somewhat paranoid. To be honest, I blame the quite awful weather of late, and the fact that the temperature can't seem to find a happy medium to stick to and went from Swelteringly Hot to Actually Quite Cold in the space of a day once that heatwave finished.

(Just managed to drop my coffee cup onto my keyboard; thankfully the lid was still on and there doesn't appear to be any damage...)

So, I am a bit tight-chested today, which isn't very fun. :(

Paul went out yesterday because his mate Alex is back from Gran Canaria (permanently, apparently)... I was going to go with them originally, until Alex did his usual trick of inviting more random people along, including Tony, who scares the Hell out of me. Paul assured me he would be sober this time (the first and last time I met him he was incredibly drunk and generally the kind of person I avoid like the plague as a result) but meh. I was also feeling kind of horrible last night so couldn't be bothered.

So instead I finally got around to watching The Libertine, which Noel bought me a while back for either a birthday or Christmas and which has been on the DVD rack along with all those other DVDs I never get around to watching. I think I was too tired to really follow it properly, but it's quite an odd film. It's set during the reign of Charles II, in 1675, after several years of open debauchery and the Great Fire in London when, as the opening blurb puts it, "the hangovers set in"... The story itself follows the life of the Earl of Rochester, played by Johnny Depp.

The opening line from Depp's character is "You will not like me". He proceeds to explain why this will be the case. One would expect, with an opening like that, to find the character somewhat odious. In fact it turns out to be quite the opposite. He's certainly not likeable, but there's an enigmatic quality about Rochester which perhaps explains the charm he has over not only the King, but his actress protegee, Libby Barry, and his own wife, who is with him until the end despite his sins.

I think I was somewhat distracted by (a) the somewhat bizarre casting of Johnny Vegas (though his character doesn't speak much, and when he does Vegas's own accent wobbles through his attempt at upper class English) and (b) the fact that it seemed to contain most of the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean, in the form of John Hollander and Jack Davenport.

The most impressive thing is perhaps the fact that even under ten tonnes of syphilis make-up, Depp somehow still manages to be pretty. :P Actually, before even watching this film I'd seen photographs of the make-up on phanwank, used in an argument against the POTO movie's pathetic attempt at the Phantom's disfiguration, the argument being: this is how you make a handsome actor hideous PROPERLY. The case for the defence also includes Two-Face from Batman Begins, because seriously, if they can achieve that level of horrific facial disfigurement, there is no frelling excuse for the pathetic sunburn they pasted onto Gerard Butler. But that's an argument for another day. I'm still holding out for a movie version of POTO which isn't a pathetic sham of the musical or a a supposed 'horror' film, and I'm actually somewhat inclined towards Johnny Depp as Erik after seeing The Libertine, but anyway, I digress...

I was expecting the film to be more shocking in its subject matter, but it's not as bad as the reviews implied. Though after watching Bruno in all of its uncut brain-scrubbing glory, nothing could possibly shock me again. :P

Cinematography-wise, it's beautifully presented. The film is slightly grainy, shot through London fog and candlelight. One scene in particular, where Rochester presents a speech to Parliament despite suffering the last throes of his disease, used the camerawork effectively to describe his illness - swaying and out-of-focus. Apparently the entire film was shot using hand-held cameras except for a couple of scenes.

In direct contrast to the opening, the film ends with Rochester once again addressing the audience and imploring, "Do you like me now?", which fits in with the oddly poignant ending.

Overall, I would recommend a viewing. I need to watch it again to eke out the pertinent aspects, and to be honest I didn't think I'd manage to write this much about it... but in any case, I enjoyed it.

Not much else to report except that as a result of Paul going out (and the tight-chestedness), I didn't get to sleep until about 1.30am. Bah.
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