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Small Drama &c

At the moment it feels like my creativity and productivity are being sapped from every direction by apathy and total exhaustion, which kind of sucks. Also, this weather = depressing. I'm moving to France. I'm pretty sure the shock of being able to get a train in the snow would wear off eventually. :P

We went to Matalan last night to get Paul some work stuff - shirts and trousers - and ended up spending £93. Admittedly, £15 of that was on a proper set of Cole & Mason salt / pepper grinders, as the ones we got from TK Maxx some time ago are rubbish, and I got two tops I probably shouldn't have done, but they are very funky - one is bright electric blue and asymmetrical (I'm very much loving the 1980s revival right now) and one is in shades of brown and orange, asymmetrical panels and Oriental-like. The rest was three shirts, two pairs of trousers (a bit too small so will have to go back - we didn't have time for Paul to try them on) and three ties, so really not too bad. I wasn't expecting to spend that much so it's gone on the credit card. Meh. So much for paying it off before Christmas. :(

Also at around 6.45 I found a voicemail on my phone from - AGAIN - the bank. The usual spiel of "We really do need to talk to you". I'm not even going to bother ringing them back. I've had two sodding account reviews in almost as many months - I had one in June and another one back in about April or May, and I know full well they're just going to call me in, sit me down, say everything's fine and then proceed to try and sell me a loan to pay off the credit card. If it's that desperate they'll ring me again at some point, and the last time I 'forgot' to ring them back it took about a month for them to try again. So, yes, it's clearly OMG SO IMPORTANT that they had to speak to me.

FFS, I didn't have this bloody trouble when I was a student. They didn't even bug me when I went over my overdraft. Now I'm in gainful employment they want to talk to me all the time. Just... bugger off, bank.

So, there's a small drama occurring at the moment in the form of a piano...

When my grandmother moved house in about 2000, she moved to a much smaller property and hence did not have room for the piano. So from that point it's been living at my mum's house. Initially it lived in the kitchen because that was the only place it would fit, and since they redecorated the kitchen it's been living in the hall.

My mum and David are in the process of decorating and the hall is the only remaining area still to be redone, so they need to get the piano out of the way. Originally I was going to have it in the flat (and was very happy to do so) except (a) it doesn't fit and (b) no way we could have got it upstairs. However, Paul's mum has room for it in her back room, and is happy to look after it until such point as we get a house to put it in.

Anyway, last Sunday we went to visit Paul's mum, and my uncle, Robin, rang me up on my mobile whilst we were there to say that my mum and David had been around and the discussion moved onto the piano and what to do with it. David has threatened to put it outside the front of the house under the car pool thingy (*incoherent splutter* I DON'T THINK SO!) so they can decorate the hallway, which obviously sent my grandmother into a flat panic.

Robin seems to want to sell it; he said he knows someone who wants a similar style of piano and he could sell that one and get me a new one. I don't want a bloody new one, so that's not even an option. (It's not the best piano ever, but it has a lot of sentimental value...) My grandmother rang again on Friday night to panic at me about it a bit more and now at least some things are set in motion with regards to getting the damn thing moved to Paul's mum's, so I'm just waiting on a phonecall so we can let her know.

Except on Monday, David came over to screw DVD units to the wall for us and the conversation came up again because Paul mentioned that it might be going soon, and David confirmed that he absolutely was not joking about putting it outside whilst they decorate (!!) and brought up a new piece of information, which is - if he heard right - the piano was jointly purchased by my uncle and my grandmother, rather than just being my grandmother's. The reason this causes a problem is that she's often said to me - and in fact reiterated the same on Friday when she rang - that as far as she is concerned, the piano is mine because she's given it to me. So if it's jointly Robin's then he has every right to sell it. David has therefore suggested we talk to Robin; Paul has suggested we pay for his half, but I have no frelling clue how much that would cost. Brand new pianos cost about as much as a small car and used ones probably sell for about a grand, and I don't have that kind of money lying around.

So, drama. I have never entertained the notion of selling it because I always had this plan of re-learning to play it again if it was ever in such a position to be useable, though that will probably collapse like all my other best laid plans. As I said to David, that piano has been "in the way" about as long as it's not been at my grandmother's house. It's a sad state of affairs when a precious instrument merely becomes a nuisance because the space isn't big enough to hold it...

The entire thing is just aggravating. Probably the only good thing to come out of it would be that (a) I might be able to play it if it's at Paul's mum's (unlikely, given my track record, but the idea is nice) and (b) I can offer to 'teach' (I use the term loosely) Jade and/or Patrick if they want, or even Paul's mum or brother. The point being, so the bloody thing is actually being used, rather than gathering dust...

The absolute kicker is that my father probably has more than enough room for it, but I know full well he'd sell it as soon as look at it...

Oh, and that was the other thing, my grandmother invited me to Half-Brother's baptism. Sorry, Dominic's baptism... I politely declined with the reason that I don't believe in baptism (as in, I don't think it's right or proper to force religion onto children), and to my great surprise she actually didn't push the matter. I think perhaps she's finally accepted that I'm not going to become a Great Enlightened Christian when I'm older. :P Though it just goes to show that Annabelle has her claws firmly hooked, as there was no way in Hell my father would have agreed to baptism in any other circumstances. We're talking about a man who shouted "I WISH YOU'D NEVER HAD ME CHRISTENED!" at his own mother in the height of an argument...

Anyway, hopefully all of that will blow over eventually...

It's still busy at work but I'm just not in the mood. I'm basically stuck in this endless cycle of grey, rainy days, trudging through the working week so I can enjoy the weekend purely because I don't have to get up early or go outside. :(

PS: The man just came to fit the part for our half-broken printer. Bear in mind it took a month to produce an invoice asking us to pay £25 before they could even order the part, which was the little pick-up roller on the paper tray which grabs onto the paper to feed it through. So. £25 to clip a small plastic device onto an axle. I'm in the wrong job. Seriously.
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