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This entry makes me a bad, bad person and I'm very, very sorry...

...but, for anyone else insane enough to be still following it, does anyone else think the Big Brother team are just horrible this year? I don't mean the housemates, I mean the behind-the-scenes gestalt entity of staff and crew. They're just bloody spiteful. This latest development with the Siavash/Noirin/Isaac triangle is just cruel.

I honestly do not care which of Noirin or Marcus goes tonight. Noirin's time has been up for a while (since her drawn-on glasses came off, in fact) and Marcus is just a moody sod lately.

I can tell already that Isaac is going to be annoying passive-aggressive and an absolute nightmare; here's hoping he's up next week. GTFO.

Okay, normal service will be resumed next entry. :D
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