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In Which Inanimate Objects Hate Me

I think this office has something against me. Not content with breaking my chair, on Friday my monitor had lost some pixels - just a line or two at the bottom, across the task bar. This morning they've spread to incorporate my top left hand corner and most of the title bar.

Thankfully IT are going to order me a new one, and it doesn't affect my actual working area too badly... yet.

This weekend has been mostly pleasant. The sun was out on Saturday so I got some towels dry on the line, and we popped to Aldi to get some shopping. Also, despite not getting to bed until about 1.30am on Friday (or Saturday, technically) due to becoming randomly re-inspired by Jonathan Creek (more later), I woke up on Saturday not actually feeling too bad.

In the afternoon, I attempted to alter Paul's trousers AGAIN, because they're still too long, as well as the other pair I hadn't tackled yet. I was intending to do the second pair using some of that magic iron-on hemming tape, but it simply refused to stick to the fabric, so I'm going to have to sew those, too.

So, I then spent quite some time unpicking the already-adequate taking-up job I'd done on the first pair, because they needed another inch taking off. Before sewing I made Paul try them on to check the length (because unpicking makes my hand start to cramp and I'd already done it about twice already) and they were okay.

So I got three-quarters of the way through the first leg and the bloody bobbin thread ran out.

I'd already discovered the other day that attempting to thread a bobbin using the baby machine was next to useless, so I conceded to make one using the main machine, despite the clutch not working. All this means is that when the bobbin spool spins around, the needle also goes up and down, which is what loosening the clutch wheel is meant to prevent - as already mentioned, the clutch wheel is stuck closed. So anyway, I managed to make a bobbin, and then began to attempt to sew the trousers again.

And then discovered, for some unknown reason, that the sodding thread tension has gone wrong AGAIN. It somehow fixed itself when I bought better black thread and used that with the black bobbin I found in the little 'tool kit', and now, even though the new bobbin is made using THE SAME THREAD, it has decided to fuck up the tension again.

End result, I gave up on it, put everything away noisily, and then proceeded to have a complete meltdown about it.

Just... WTF, brain?

Admittedly there are other issues at hand here - worrying about money, for one, plus probably a few other things I have yet to identify - and at that point I'd already asked Paul to bring in the washing about five bloody times without him actually doing it, which was irritating. The main crux of my annoyance at the point of my tantrum was that all my good intentions fall on their arse for whatever reason. Paul assures me it's positive to have good intentions, but I would have to disagree when those good intentions literally get me nowhere.

Anyway, I felt a bit better for venting it.

At some point this weekend we also attempted to watch the final episode of Psychoville on replay, only to discover that despite putting every other bloody episode on there, the BBC have decided not to put the last one on there. I suspect this is because the DVDs have just been released. Hopefully it'll be on the online iPlayer somewhere, though. Stupid BBC.

We decided to watch a film and, after several minutes of perusing the On Demand films without success, decided on the awful-sounding Deadgirl, whose summary actually made it sound worse than it really was. Basically, two 'outcast' teenagers go to an abandoned hospital to drink beer and cause some damage, then discover a room behind a rusted-closed door, inside which is a naked girl strapped to a gurney. She is immediately presumed dead, except she's not. And she can't be killed, either. So effectively, she's a zombie. Believe me, it gets worse. One of the boys decides that Deadgirl (she's actually credited as this) would be the perfect sex toy, and eventually ends up bringing several other outcast friends along for the ride. When Deadgirl starts to progressively rot away, the boys decide to capture another girl for Deadgirl to bite and turn into another Deadgirl, and eventually end up kidnapping the 'good' kid's unattainable childhood sweetheart...

So, I think I made that sound worse than it really was. We were expecting something snarkable, and it only delivered in that sense for the first ten minutes or so ("Look at him, he's obviously evil..."), after which it became a rather interesting look at human nature. It wasn't good, by any means, and I think after seeing Antichrist the other week I am in the mindset of over-analysing everything, but it was much better than we were anticipating. The majority of the gore and sex were actually off-screen (and also not that convincing, particularly the severed hand shot), and the worst part was really that anyone would react in such a way to finding a half-dead body...

The ending was weird, though.

On Sunday morning Phil turned up to fix / replace our kitchen light (so at least we can now cook properly in the evening), without any warning. We knew he was coming at some point this weekend, and he happened to turn up just as I was getting out of the shower. He then borrowed Lisa's chair to turn off the fuse in the porch, resulting in her shouting irritatedly up the stairs at us... A bit later on when Paul popped out to get cigarettes, he thought Lisa was blanking him, but it turned out later she just had her headphones on and couldn't hear him, and also that she was annoyed with Phil for not warning us when he would turn up, as she was in her nightdress when he arrived, rather than annoyed with us... though we probably should have warned her nonetheless.

We decided to go to Wetherspoon's for Sunday dinner because I couldn't be bothered to cook. So, five minutes before we left, my body decided to punish me for no apparent reason with crippling stomach pain. So I barely even managed half of my roast pork before we had to go home. I ended up having a fitful nap for about an hour or so (thankfully some of the pain had subsided by then) and we watched telly for a few hours. I caught the last hour or so of the shot-for-shot remake of Psycho (not as bad as anticipated; Vince Vaughn should do more serious films) and we started watching a docu-drama on Peter Sellers that we taped about two years ago and forgot about, starring Geoffrey Rush. Always an underrated actor, IMHO. Didn't finish watching that, as I was tired, except then thanks to my nap I didn't actually nod off until around 1.30...

Paul also has a bad stomach this morning so it's obviously something we both ate. I suspect it was the remaining sausages from the fridge. I felt somewhat ill halfway through eating mine, and Paul finished them off... There was nothing in our Experimental Tea which might have poisoned us (it was basically just chicken, tomato and onions) so that only leaves the sausages...

Still a bit grumbly this morning. I wouldn't mind, but I've been good all week - no takeaways, sandwiches with brown bread, and mostly real food with vegetables included. Stupid body.

Bit of a hectic week coming up. It's my mum's birthday tomorrow (need to finish stuff tonight and wrap presents) and we may or may not be seeing her then, depending on what they're doing... I have half of Thursday off as flex, so will be going to get my hair cut at lunchtime, then Paul and I are going to the Bodyworks exhibition at the O2 on Friday (£28 for the coach tickets - yay National Express), then I'm going to We Will Rock You on Saturday afternoon (mum's birthday present) with her and David, then we're going to La Fibule for dinner in the evening.

I do believe that's everything.

Except for the bit about the fic. I did some more work on my "Three Gamblers" tag on Friday night. So far the episode tags have been just that: tags for the end of each episode. The "Three Gamblers" one is very much a missing scene fic, in addition to being a tag. I've been working on the first section for ages without it cooperating - that is, the 'missing scene' between Jonathan opening his birthday presents and them all attending the magic club - which is ironically the scene which sparked this entire episode tag idea in the first place. It simply will not translate properly. So instead I've moved onto the next bit, i.e. immediately after the telephone conversation (just before Jonathan and Maddy are at the police station), and then the aftermath of the shooter / kidnapper at Frog Hollow.

Of course, NOW it's writing itself out of control. I need to find a good end point for it, because the next story will be my angstilicious precursor to "Satan's Chimney" and subsequent explanation for Jonathan's bitterness in "The Grinning Man" (hopefully), and I don't want the two to end up merged into one fic... (It didn't help that the episode happened to be on Dave on Saturday night, though at least I got some 'revision' in...)

Thus far I've done tags for "Black Canary" and "The Omega Man". I have something resembling an idea for the Spearfish episode / "Eyes of Tiresias" (kind of) but nothing as yet for "Ghosts Force" / "Miracle on Crooked Lane", not least because the latter is kind of self-explanatory and also I don't really want to tackle it because - in typical Renwick-messing-with-our-minds style - it completely detracts from my theory and the atmosphere of my "Omega Man" fic. Because yeah, Renwick's not so big on the character canon, and my suppositions are wide and grasping.

Anyway. Hopefully I can get these damn things to cooperate before working on the larger fic to connect it up to my post-"Grinning Man" idea. I also need to keep reminding myself that "A Lot to Answer For" is set in an entirely separate universe, so as not to get confused, because the atmosphere of that story is quite different. It has the same end result, it's just being told in a different way. Because... well, no matter which way you write it, Jonathan and Maddy belong together, and half the fun is the journey to that point. Always has been.

I still want a Renwick-penned J/M reunion, because I know that the best-written fic in the world would not compare to the subtlety of it... but for now, I'm very much enjoying the wish-fulfilment. :)

Right, THAT is everything. ;)
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