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In Which IT are Frustrating...

Okay, so, on 7th August I noticed a line of pixels had gone on my monitor at work. By Monday morning (10th August), they had spread to the top left hand corner and most of the top 1cm of the screen.

So I phone IT upstairs and one of them came down to have a look and said I needed a budget code. I emailed Gaynor S to explain the situation and ask for the code, going downstairs a few minutes later anyway to drop off my clock card, where I ran into her and she gave me the code off the top of her head. I then emailed it to IT that same morning.

Later that afternoon the same IT bloke (M, for ease of reference), came down to say that the person with access to the IT purchasing database thingy was on leave and it would have to wait. He was going to ask if someone else upstairs had access, but that was the last I heard of it.

So this morning (over two weeks later) I emailed M again to ask what progress was being made on my replacement monitor. M emailed me back to say that I need to speak to Gaynor, to get authorisation from the Asst. Director for the new monitor and hence the budget code, with an explanation of the problem and how it's affecting my work.

Just... GAH. I almost emailed back to say "And you couldn't have told me this two weeks ago because...?" but managed to stop myself. Gaynor is on leave for a week, so I can't do anything about it until Monday.

And the thing is, at the moment it isn't affecting my work, per se, it's just bloody annoying. Plus, eventually the dead pixels will spread and then it WILL start to affect my work, so I'd rather get it sorted out now rather than having to wait who-knows-how-long for them to get the replacement when it DOES take over the workable area of my screen. (At the moment it's just the title bar which is affected.)

I think perhaps what makes this more annoying is that a while ago they replaced all the fee earners' PCs, including shiny new monitors. The WPOs' PCs were not replaced until about six months later. WPOs use their PCs all day every day; fee earners do not. Aside from that, when they did eventually replace our PCs, we kept our old monitors. The reason for the replacement was to get everyone faster machines in readiness for Project Legal, which was then set back by the company we'd hired not being able to make the new case management system work with Lotus Notes. (The obvious solution to which would be to stop bloody using Lotus Notes, but it's a Council standard...) Considering that when the new case management system eventually goes live (probably in about a decade, at this rate), the WPOs will be the people using it most often - again, a more than adequate reason why we should have had our PCs replaced as priority.


Apparently if I get a new monitor it will be a widescreen because they go with the PCs they provided; I don't particularly want a widescreen monitor (I absolutely do not see the point of providing us all with widescreen monitors, given we don't make a habit of watching movies or doing any graphic-intensive work) but to be honest, at this juncture, I don't even care any more. I just want one that doesn't have dead pixels.

In other news, Paul is currently out of work again and also struck down with lurgy (hopefully not the dreaded Pig Plague), I'm absolutely skint to the extent that pay on Friday will not even bring me out of my overdraft - though to be honest I've been too scared to check my account balance this week - and starting to feel like there is no way out of this limbo I presently find myself in. I'm basically trapped in a deep, dark pit, attempting to scrabble to the surface and finding no purchase. If someone could please provide a rope ladder or a lottery win, that would be most helpful.

PS: commoncomitatus - I keep forgetting to mention this, and meant to comment on your X-Factor entry - given that this year's initial auditions are in the style of Britain's Got Talent and in front of a HUGE AUDIENCE, I'm suddenly very glad I won my bet last year. :P

Edit, 13.16: M has just redeemed himself by complimenting both my hair and my lunch (leftover enchiladas) - because I am that shallow.
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