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i'm going to write this one down before i forget again....

it has come to my attention recently that actors keep popping up all over the place in things other than those we're used to seeing them in...

for starters: we were watching a filmed production of act two of "waiting for godot" (samuel beckett), and the guy playing pozzo (it'll make sense if you know it, otherwise it takes too long to explain) was the guy who used to play tom in "waiting for god" (the sitcom.) personally, i think that's a rather clever in-joke ;)

next - "diagnosis murder" - kent mccord (jack crichton in "farscape") appeared. i was rather ill at the time and it took me several minutes to figure out where john, aeryn, d'argo, etc all were... i think he was playing a cop...

nana visitor (kira) appeared in "dark angel", apparently. i didn't watch it, but i saw pictures. "the outer limits" has always recycled old "x-files" actors. the last season i watched all the way through had a different one every week, making the thing doubly amusing :) terry farrel (jadzia dax) was in a short-lived comedy called "becker". when i first saw it, i recognised her voice first, then spent a few seconds looking for spots... i should really stop watching star trek...

and finally - "frasier". first of all, rene auberjonois (odo) was a recurring character in the form of frasier's therapist/mentor from college. and, incidentally, someone roz was going out with. this was disturbing enough, and as if i don't giggle pointlessly enough times already, it just made it worse. and last night, we had... robert picardo (the doctor), which is always a treat since he's just so funny no matter what he does...

and most of these in the past month or so, aside from "becker" and "the outer limits". cool :) i guess sci-fi actors are very versatile...
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