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Bank Holiday Weekend

Bit of an up-and-down one...

I spent most of Friday (because it was fairly quiet) constructing an LJ entry which never saw the light of day. On re-reading this morning, I'm somewhat glad. I was exceptionally cranky on Friday, frelling exhausted and fed up of the world in general. I think perhaps it's just a weird effect of my current Pills, whereby they stop any and all "wimmins" but still occasionally sting me with PMT just to remind me that my hormones are as angry as ever. Also, Paul's (lack of) job situation is exceedingly stressful, as evidenced by the fact that over the course of the weekend my fingers have started peeling.

Anyway, just be glad I didn't post my rambling angst. There are days when I feel like I'm going slowly insane, but perhaps it's best not to share these things with an unwilling audience.

So, on Friday night Paul did his usual trick of having "two drinks", whereby I ended up leaving him six missed calls and a snarky text ("How long does it take to have one drink?! I'm hungry!") because as ever he had stayed out longer than intended and left me hanging on to eat until he got home. The way this is supposed to work is that he just outright tells me that he's going to be late instead of fobbing me off with "two drinks" so I won't moan at the time, so at least then I can just have some food and leave him to it. It's getting kind of boring now, having the same argument every single damn time.

Saturday morning we traipsed to the bank for the account review. It was the same woman we saw last time (when my actual person didn't turn up) and she was just as irritated by them constantly ringing me as I was. She's put a note on the account that I DO NOT WANT A LOAN for my credit card and for them to STOP CALLING ME, as we discussed last time. Heh.

On Saturday we had a cleaning blitz. I got three loads of washing done and tidied up the bedroom and living room, and Paul did the hoovering. We played three games of Scrabble, and discovered that my CD player has packed up. JOY. Of course it was going to break right when I can't afford a new one. When else?

I had a look online on Sunday morning to see if there was a feasible option for a new one, as I hadn't wanted or intended to replace it until we had a house big enough to put a proper hifi system into. I have discovered the following irritating things in the process:

  • It is damn near impossible to get hold of a mini stereo system containing a tape deck. I do realise that in the shiny 21st century such devices are frowned upon, but I'm a technological luddite and, moreover, I have various music from friends on mixtapes which I subsequently only have on cassette... and I don't see the point of downloading said music to MP3 when I already have it and can play it adequately on my stereo / walkman.

  • It is also damn near impossible not to find a stereo which, in place of a tape deck, is MP3-compatible. I also realise that in the shiny 21st century the majority of people will want their stereo to be MP3-compatible, but the fact of the matter is: this only applies if you only ever download your music. In our household, the only MP3s we own have been ripped from CDs in the first place. And quite frankly, if I want to use my MP3 player to fill the room with sound, I can plug some speakers into it and acheive the same effect...

  • What's with the bloody enormous speakers these days? I don't want a bloody subwoofer, I just want a stereo. I'm not in the habit of pissing my neighbours off, thank you.

  • I would get it fixed - apparently there are places in Stirchley that will do this - but I don't want it 'fixed' like the guys at the market 'fixed' Paul's old phone, i.e. making it worse.

I think it's been giving up the ghost for a while, and I had been intending to buy a lens cleaner, but it seems it's not even trying to read the discs any more. Bugger.

I did, however, find a suitable-seeming mini stereo in Argos with a 3-CD changer and tape deck, for £50. I don't think I'm going to get one any cheaper than that, to be honest. It has mostly good reviews, also, and I've not seen it anywhere else online. I'll have to wait until next month, though, as I was paid on Friday, am still overdrawn, and already spent too much this month. We had to go food shopping (£47 in Iceland, just to keep us going for a bit), I needed to get some trousers for the wedding (£8 from Peacocks) and I've promised to buy Paul some new shoes from a website we found, so the stereo will just have to wait. Obviously, because Argos hate me, it will be discontinued by then.

The rest of Sunday was spent literally watching television, from the repeat of The Hotel Inspector through EastEnders and the Come Dine With Me marathon weekly catch-up. My back was suffering somewhat from all the tidying the day before, and in the morning I also had a headache. I placated the headache with paracetemol, and then took a couple of the horrible cocodamol the hospital gave me for my foot, which - again - almost knocked me out. I felt horribly monged for about half an hour, and they didn't even help my back that much. Awful, awful things. I need to stock up on the stuff which actually works from Boots...

On Monday we headed out firstly for breakfast at Wetherspoon's, then down to Somerfield to pick up veg for our proposed roast pork dinner, then back out again into town to go to the cinema. I wanted to see Coco Before Chanel, but obviously that's stopped playing already. I shouldn't be surprised. So the second choice was Inglourious Basterds. We had intended on the 1.15 showing at AMC but didn't quite make it in time, so ended up seeing it at Cineworld at 2.30, who had decided not to offer off-peak rates for the bank holiday and were still charging £6.00 a go. Bastards.

I really do think the ticket prices should reflect the size of the screen you're seeing something on (especially when they add £2.00 for the privilege of 3D films but show them on the tiny screens), because we were in screen 7. Admittedly, the small screens at Cineworld are the size of the big screens at Odeon, but still, £6.00 is extortionate. I generally try and avoid Cineworld because they're horrendously overpriced (and AMC is just generally better) but they make it very difficult by monopolising all the 'arty' films I want to see and then putting them on at stupid inaccessible times.

Blah blah blah.

So, Inglourious Basterds was actually pretty good. Possible spoilers, so ignore this paragraph... I don't know what I was expecting, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had just the right mix of humour and tension (some of the conversations were nail-biting), so much that you could overlook the rather WTF coincidence of everyone being able to speak six languages and the weird cameo casting (Mike Myers was an odd surprise; Eli Roth clearly has issues), and I really liked the whole cinema thing. Tarantino has been accused of turning WW2 into a comic book, but... y'know, I kind of like his version of events. There's something beautifully appropriate about how it was executed, and I loved how everything was thwarted by the Nazis at every turn but Emmanuelle's plan still worked. My favourite bit was when she was projected, laughing maniacally, onto the smoke of the burning cinema.

So yes. Definitely recommended if you've not seen it yet.

It's a good three hours long, so we didn't get home until 6.30. The pork joint was going to take 2 hours to cook, so we wouldn't have eaten until about 9.00pm. Which would have been fine, except that all the way home I had Hiccups of Doom (presumably because I'd not eaten in about seven hours), which subsequently turned into Stomach Cramps of Evil and effectively prevented me doing anything remotely productive in the evening. So we had fish and chips instead. Courtesy of Iceland, of course. ;) So, roast pork dinner this evening instead.

FFS, body, stop it. Why do you persist in being mean to me when I'm trying so hard to be nice to you? Why? And why do you only upset me when I'm not at work? Is that meant to be ironic in some way? Because it's not, it's just mean.

Aaand back at work today, somewhat quiet, hence the entry. Actually not as tired as last week, thank goodness. Apparently everyone was tired last week - I blame the bank holiday.

Over and out.
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