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Uneventful Weekend

Yup, nothing much happened this weekend... However, as there's already nothing to do here (10.50am) I shall ramble about it anyway.

So, on Friday Paul had an interview-type-thing for a call centre job, however he's decided not to go for it because the entire wage was commission-based with no base rate, and the manager was of the opinion that anyone who didn't get at least £300 a week wasn't pulling their weight. Basically it sounded absolutely awful, so we're back to square one, though he's applied for lots more over the weekend, and the assessment/interview for the Job Centre job (i.e. at the Job Centre itself) is due mid-September if he's successful. *crosses fingers*

Nothing much else to report, except that I wasn't surprised in the slightest by the Big Brother final result. A tad surprised Charlie didn't come higher, but he's been kicking off a bit the past few weeks, so I imagine that swayed it.

Anyway, that's enough of that. Only one more year of it to go, at least. I always feel so horribly guilty for getting sucked in; it goes against all my principles. I feel the same way about X-Factor, but it's so addictively awful...

On Saturday morning, David rang up to check we would be in, as they were bringing over my early Christmas present of a new stereo. :) Hurrah! In order to install said new stereo, however, we had to clear most of the cube unit shelves and unscrew it from the wall to pull it forward in order to get the plug out from behind it... I'm assuming that when we moved in / rearranged furniture, I must have set the stereo up before David came round to attach it. It wasn't too much hassle, as it turned out (though would have been much quicker if not for the safety plug; if it had been a normal plug I would merely have unscrewed it and taken it off...)

New stereo does the job - it's got a 3-CD changer (a bit noisy, but doesn't matter really) and a tape deck (hurrah!) but alas no radio presets, just a single tuner... mind you, I usually go to the trouble of presetting all the radio channels and never listen to them anyway, so to be honest I'm not that fussed about it. The new base unit is a lot bigger (because of the changer) but weighs literally nothing compared to my last one, and as a result the speakers are now on top of the cube unit and probably a lot more effective...

It's a shame, because my old one looked pretty - it was silver with pale blue embellishments and the speakers were pine-effect... The CD player had been on the way out for a while, to be honest... It was skipping / fading out on some tracks, refusing to play certain copied discs and taking several attempts to start playing the last time I used it... Somewhat irritating because the rest of it worked fine and the sound quality wasn't too bad, plus it had a Funky Coloured Display on the front. Meh.

Anyway, new stereo yay. :)

Apart from that brief bit of furniture-moving / tidying, however, we didn't do very much. Did the washing up and emptied the floor-level cupboards in readiness for Phil (landlord's mate) to come on Sunday and fix the leaky pipes again.

Sunday was laaaazy - like last week, I spent most of it on the sofa watching television. (We now have the luxury of a DOUBLE Come Dine With Me marathon, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. :D) Literally 10 seconds after my 9.30 alarm and me saying "We should probably get up now", Phil turned up. He was done in about 30 minutes, though, so it wasn't too painful. As ever, we need to leave it a couple of days to see if the leak stops before he attempts to fix Lisa's ceiling, and if it doesn't work then he'll have to try something else. Obviously, the best solution would be to START AGAIN, but that would be too much work...

I watched 10,000 BC in the early afternoon, which was... kind of weird. I wasn't expecting anything remotely intelligent, to be honest, and it delivered in that respect. Historical inaccuracies / desperately grasping theories FTW. It killed time before EastEnders, at least.

At one point I set about putting stuff back in cupboards / generally tidying them up (there was a no-go area in the one under the sink because I wanted to be absolutely sure the original leak was fixed, so I'm now using that area properly), as a result of which I got a headache and had to lie down, which meant Paul was lumbered with the cooking again. WTF, body? I'd like one weekend to go by where I'm not temporarily incapacitated or feeling like crap...

He went out to Richie's gig in the evening and I wasted some time on t'internet and had a shower, then couldn't get to sleep even after he'd come back... I think I nodded off at some point between 1.00 and 2.00, then woke up again... not as tired as I should be today, though. Or at least, as I always say, a different sort of tired, the kind of tired I can actually deal with, rather than the emotionally drained kind...

I think that's about everything...

Oh yes, we had to put the heating on by Saturday afternoon, and I've left it on since. It's officially winter. I was trying to hold out as long as possible, but I've been cold since about mid-August.

There might be a hen-night-type deal this Friday for my mum but we're not sure yet, as several people are on holiday, so it'll depend on availability. I've booked the day off anyway, initially because I didn't want to run out of energy by 10.00pm, but even if it doesn't happen the day off would be much appreciated.

At some point this week I need to watch Order of the Phoenix and give it back to Gemma at work - on Thursday I ended up embroiled in a rambling conversation which started off about comedy and moved somehow onto Harry Potter, so Gemma lent me the DVD. I had planned to watch it this weekend but didn't find time / forgot, and I don't want to hold onto it for too long...

Choir restarts tomorrow - hopefully I won't be too knackered to enjoy it. Just before the break I missed the final two rehearsals because I was on leave (bad, I know) and because I wasn't feeling any love whatsoever for the two pieces we were rehearsing... I know when things come together it will sound brilliant (I hated the Verdi when we did the opera concert, then ended up liking it immensely once we got the hang of the Italian), but I wasn't in the mood for stumbling over things. I probably should have practiced it over the break, but time has run away with me as usual... I'm muchly looking forward to doing Faure's Requiem in April (finally, something I know!!) and of course there's Christmas to look forward to, despite the sheer amount of hard work in November.

Ah well, at least it'll stop me doing nothing.

Right, that killed an hour or so (with some typing in the middle), so I'll post it and find something else to do.
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