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Two different types of escapism...

Bit of a quiet one last night. I escaped from work at 3.30 because I was insanely tired (but had no caffeine, as I've not been able to get to sleep the past two nights), we had dinner fairly early and then Paul went out to watch the football at Alex's. Whilst he was out I ended up watching (finally) Howl's Moving Castle, which I'd taped over Christmas.

It's very strange indeed. The plot is a bit... rambling, in places, and the dialogue (it was the English dubbed version) felt a bit clunky, which I think is either because of translation issues or just trying to make the words fit the animation... It was so clunky that I first thought the voice of Howl was Keanu Reeves (:P) when in fact it was Christian Bale... The language also felt completely mismatched with the setting, where the dress was Edwardian-esque and the buildings earlier still, but given the plethora of bizarre machinery and battleships, the setting was quite confused anyway. I think perhaps the idyllic countryside landscape was supposed to be an obvious contrast to the modern-looking war machines, with Howl's castle being a bizarre amalgamation of both.

Still, though - the animation is beautiful. I did feel Calcifer was a bit too 'cartoon'-like (which makes no sense, I know) compared to the rest of it, and I think that wasn't helped by him being voiced by Billy Crystal. I spotted a couple of repeated motifs from Spirited Away, but I'd have to watch more Miyazaki to ascertain if they were a coincidence. More of his stuff has been on my list for a while now anyway...

I enjoyed it, nonetheless. I should probably get the DVD just so I can see the original Japanese-language version with subtitles, as that was how I first experienced Spirited Away. In that case I ended up preferring the English version because I could focus more on the animation, but some of the dubbing was just so bad in HMC that I'd like to see if the Japanese is any better...

Paul returned shortly after it ended (it's quite long, much more so than I was expecting) and we settled down to watch the kick-off of Derren Brown's The Events on C4, where he predicted the lottery numbers - all six correctly. On Friday he reveals all; apparently it took him a year of intensive work. It should be noted that his predicted numbers were totally not the numbers stuck to the lamp-post in the advert... the entire thing's very mysterious right now, what with the backwards website (retsehcnaMdetinU.com) and "It will be you" messages. I suspect that all of this has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual programme, and as ever Derren is just messing with our minds.

Went to bed after that, and I think I must have nodded off before Paul came in only to wake up shortly afterwards, as I can definitely remember him asking if I was okay because I was trying to get comfy...

Whilst I'm here, I'll share my dream from the other day. Can't be bothered to filter it, but I just want to share the trauma.

No idea whatsoever how it started. At the point where things kicked in, I seemed to be in some kind of cafe or similar establishment, with Nikki Blonsky (Tracey Turnblad in the new Hairspray film [i.e. of the musical], who had also guest starred in Ugly Betty the other week). I don't know what we were talking about, but in the next instance I was in a bathroom - or so I assume, because there was a mirror in there - applying make-up.

Okay, so this next bit is quite strange enough on its own without the proceeding trauma. Instead of lipgloss, the fashion was to wear teethgloss. I seem to recall Nikki Blonsky's character had bright red teeth, and she was talking me into painting mine gold. As well as painting them, I was also applying some kind of dough-like substance on top of them, like an extra layer.

Here's where it got horrible. My incisors were HUGE, like twice the size of the rest of my teeth. And they were full of HOLES, massive ones, like Swiss cheese. As if that wasn't bad enough, as a result of my weird incisors I was then checking all my other teeth for damage, and one of my bottom back molars must have had a filling which had fallen out. There was a round hole all the way through the tooth, the top of which was lined with a metal ring (for integrity? Who knows...), and underneath that the rest of the tooth was visible, and it was constructed out of lots of other tiny teeth. The tiny teeth were the same height as the normal tooth but essentially long and thin like spaghetti, all packed together. (I think these were also visible from the top around the hole...)

In the dream, after discovering the holes-in-teeth horribleness, I was then all "Shit, I need to see a dentist" and worrying where I'd find £300 from to pay for it. I suspect this is my subconscious's way of telling me I should go for a check-up, but if my subconscious can pay for it then that's all well and good. :P

Then for some reason I was trying to leave the house and get to work, because I'd been at the cafe all morning and was now late. At one point I couldn't leave because there was a laptop at the bottom of the stairs with some kind of war/fighting game on it, which I was having trouble closing down because the menu took ages to load.

Then I was making my way to work along a bus route that I've dreamt about before, except it used to take me to Ladywood. It also amalgamised another bus route which used to take me to my mum's house in another dream. Most odd. Anyway, I'd gotten off the bus and I think I was carrying something with me (no idea what but it seemed to involve both arms), and by this point I was about three hours late. I started walking in one direction, which was very hard going for some reason, before realising I'd gone the wrong way, so turned around and went the other way.

Further along, I knew that the road crossed a river / canal, and that there was a path off to the left that I should go down, but I thought it was after the river. So I'd crossed the river, and there was no sign of the path, and I ended up in a village/town centre full of shops where I'd never been before. So I turned around again and headed back to the river, and it turned out the path I should have taken was before the river, not after.

I remember the path sloped downwards and there were railings... and I ran into an old Inliner (kkingiking; I'm also friends with him on Facebook) with two of his daughters, and after that I don't remember very much at all...

Grah. *shudders* I HATE HATE HATE teeth trauma dreams. I had one when we last stayed over in London (February) which I now can't remember, but I was paranoidly checking my teeth were intact for about two hours after I woke up. Awful. This one wasn't as bad, I think because it provoked that reaction within the dream itself, but on thinking about it afterwards it was fairly horrible...

Okay, I think that's everything. I have tomorrow off (initially in case there was a hen do - still not sure if there is, but a day off is a day off) so will get around to watching OotP and probably SLEEP a lot.
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