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Long Weekends FTW.

I should have Fridays off more often. :)

Initially, I had booked Friday off in the event that my mum had some form of hen party / event / get-together. It was supposed to happen last week (because David's office people stag thing was happening on the 11th) but most of her office people were on holiday, and then it ended up being somewhat cancelled due to lack of interest. Booo, office people.

So instead, my mum popped over with my wedding outfit and wrist-corsage and fascinator, and Paul's button hole flower, and the traditional present-from-the-groom-to-the-bridesmaid to me from David, which is a lovely necklace and earrings set that matches the design of the jacket I'm wearing.

It then transpired that David had forgotten his keys so we drove to my mum's to let him in (arriving just as he was ambling down the road, luckily), and since everyone was too tired to go out again, we ordered in a selection of Thai starters / dim sum and gorged ourselves silly. Also plenty left for me and Paul to take home for our tea on Saturday.

We watched Derren Brown's first 'Event' programme ("How to Win the Lottery"), which was... really quite bizarre, and then a bit of the David Blaine "What is Magic?" show (I much prefer his street magic to his Crazy Endurance Stunts) and then got a taxi home.

Oh, yes, during the course of the day I got around to watching Order of the Phoenix, which was pleasant. They definitely missed a lot out of the book (I was expecting more Tonks!), but as ever the casting was perfect (i.e. Umbridge and Bellatrix - I think my favourite moment was when Bellatrix was breaking out of Azkaban and cackling like a loon; that part was made for Helen Bonham-Carter. :D). I did think Sirius's death was a bit... I dunno, it just seemed to come out of nowhere, and I remember there actually being an explanation of what the gateway was in the book, so if I'd not read it I would have been horrendously confused by that part. It also seemed that most of the other characters didn't have much to do at all.

I will hopefully finish Half-Blood Prince before the film is released on Sky Movies (haven't seen it yet, for that reason), and also hopefully will have read Deathly Hallows before that film is released... I can't help but think they'll cast Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister. ;)

We then proceeded to go nowhere and do almost nothing all weekend. Bliss! I've FINALLY started up doing some embroidery again as I wasn't too knackered to attempt it, though unfortunately I may end up having to stitch photographs of it together rather than scans, as since installing the new printer there's no room to scan it on the frame, and I'm not taking it off the thing every time I want to scan it. We'll see how it goes; if photographs fail, I'll just have to scan the whole thing when it's finished instead, though that does rather destroy the point of the scans... we shall see.

In the evening we watched Hancock. It's very odd. Not what I was expecting at all. Well, the first half was exactly what I was expecting, which was a somewhat amusing tale about a disillusioned superhero trying to improve his image; the surprise was the last half and the mythological stuff. It was enjoyable, nonetheless, and it transpired it was co-written by Vince Gilligan, who used to write for The X-Files, which I guess explains the mythological aspect...

Sunday was very much of the same. The reason I should have Fridays off more often is that for the first time in ages I woke up on Sunday and didn't feel like crap, thus enabling me not only to cook Paul a proper full breakfast (literally the first time in absolutely ages) as well as my own (bacon and cream cheese on toasted bagel, yum), but tea later on. More of this, please, and less of the crippling headaches / stomach cramps, mmkay?

For tea on Sunday we had some burgers which my mum had picked up for us from Asda when they were on offer (£3.00 down to £1.00), with sun-dried tomatoes in them. OMG delicious. And there are two left. :D

Back at work today and it's somewhat quiet. Hopefully most people are now back off leave so it might pick up for the rest of the week. It's bad enough having to stay late Tuesdays, without having to endure the extra hour without any work to do...

Meh, I shall post this and flee. Will NOT have pasta for lunch, as I think three days in a row is rather excessive, even if it IS delicious from the new pasta place.
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