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Somewhat Better

Feeling a bit better today. I had a good relaxing bath last night and Paul and I were both in bed by 9.30 because it was so bloody cold (and anyway, there was nothing on television), so I've had probably more sleep than I needed. I did wake up at one point when Paul went to get a drink, but I have no idea what time that was. Had some very odd dreams indeed, though...

There was some work this morning but only enough to sustain us until 11.00, and now we've run out again. There seem to be a lot of people out at Court or on leave lately. The former means that hopefully there'll be some post-Court file notes to type up eventually, but not particularly helpful at the moment...

I keep feeling all strangely woozy headed lately. On Monday night I had three separate occasions of feeling light-headed and almost falling over, plus one yesterday at work, and today I just feel generally monged, but I think that's because I had too much sleep (can't win either way, clearly). I'm going to keep an eye on it anyway and see how it goes, and if they get worse then obviously I'll go to my GP. I didn't have a Sunday Headache this weekend, and I'm pretty sure I only get those when (a) I'm stressed or (b) I don't eat properly, and I've been trying to be good... I find that when I eat regular cereal and/or brown bread it has the positive effect of flushing all the Bad Things out of my system.

I attribute it to Paul's-job-related stress...

Literally nothing else to report, I'm afraid. I apologise for the rather up and down nature of my LJ of late, but it's either purge things or go slowly mad...
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