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Happy Journalday

Once again, there's nothing to do at work (I started this entry at 9.35am), which can only mean that next week it'll either be more of the same (gah) or insanely busy to compensate. There is literally no midpoint here; it's all or nothing. Tomorrow I'll have been at this job for three years, and more or less with the Council for four years in an official capacity, excluding my time spent as a temp. (So next year, I get an extra day of leave to play with, woo.)

Today my LJ is eight years old. Not quite all growed up, but we're almost into double figures. I had actually started this insanely long essay on why I got my LJ and my life since then, but I figure nobody is actually interested. I did just over 1000 words and gave up... I glanced at it out of the corner of my eye and thought "My God, that's long"... and if I'm thinking that, I dread to think what everyone else would think.

This is precisely why I'm rubbish at Twitter. :P

If anyone is remotely interested in my ramble, I'll be willing to share. I don't think there's anything there which people don't know already, however. I've mentioned most of my life stuff on here in some capacity over the course of eight years, so I have no idea why I decieded to reiterate it in a word-heavy form. Because I can, probably.

Er... I'm at a bit of a loose end now.

In 29 days it is my birthday. If anyone is feeling generous, here's a list of ideas. :P

  • Lush stuff - soap, bath bombs, shampoo, etc. Gift sets are fine. I'm really not fussed.

  • A Jar of Pens from Muji (they have them in the window - the little felt-tips. Dunno why, I just like them.)

  • Vouchers for clothes/shoes/entertainments.

  • Anything off my Amazon wishlist (search by email: teylaminh at yahoo dot co do you-kay), which I'll update tonight. I haven't prioritised any of it because it's also an aide memoir for me to buy stuff...

  • Make me something - a CD, fanfiction, drawing, etc. (See interests list for fandoms and pairings of choice. :P Bonus points if it's Norma/Joe, Jonathan/Maddy, Erik/Christine or Daniel/Betty...)

There's nothing else I particularly want, or at least nothing I would expect friends to buy for me. Or, well, there are things I want which money cannot buy, like sanity.

I imagine there'll be some form of drinkings on the 17th (Saturday) but will announce nearer the time. Tradition dictates this will take place at the Briar Rose, unless I can think of anywhere else.

Um. Right. I am now very definitely bored. Some people are dictating, so hopefully we'll have something to do soon.

*goes to sleep*
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