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A Weekend of Nuptials

Before I update about that, though, here's a random health update.

All of last week I was feeling horrendously tired and somewhat fuzzy-headed, with several separate incidents of miniature black-outs / almost collapsing. Thankfully most of these were at home, with only one that I can remember being at work. I was begining to wonder what was wrong, as it didn't seem to matter how much sleep I got and I was totally lacking in energy by the time I got home (Paul has done all the cooking this week). For a moment the tiredness was starting to feel horribly familiar and I attributed it to being stressed about Paul not having a job...

On Saturday I mentioned it to Lisa in passing, and she said that it might very well have been a bug. A weird bug, but a bug nonetheless. A couple of her work colleagues have had very similar symptoms, also without realising they were ill, and on Paul chatting to his mum later it turns out his brother, Darren, has had the same thing. He even went to his GP for testing to rule out something like diabetes (I was beginning to worry about that myself at one point last week) and it transpired to be nothing.

So, if anyone else starts to feel exceptionally tired (in my case I was just more tired than usual :P), woozy or fuzzy-headed, or feels like they're going to black out or something - don't worry, it's a bug. I have now probably given it to most of my office due to not realising I was ill, but it didn't warrant being off work... It also didn't help that last week we had nothing to do for most of Tuesday to Thursday, so the day dragged to a conclusion. In retrospect, I might as well not have been there. :P

I feel somewhat better this morning, though the fuzzy-headedness has come back. I don't feel as horrendously tired as last week, but that might just be because I'm on my own here today and there's plenty of work, as opposed to bugger all...

Oh, interesting thing for commoncomitatus to note, assuming she watched X-Factor this weekend: Paul's sister-in-law's nephew, Dominic, is through to boot camp again, and in the backstage section you can see Paul's brother (Darren), sister-in-law (Andrea) and nephew (Patrick), as well as Dom's brother (Blair) and his mum, whose name I've forgotten. It's incredibly odd seeing people you know in real life on television. ;) (I will find a YouTube clip later to screencap...)

Anyway, here's a proper update...

On Saturday, my mum and David got married!

It was a lovely day - considering the weather was horrible all week, it was gorgeously warm on Saturday (even humid on occasion) and despite somewhat threatening clouds, it didn't rain at all. My mum looked amazing. :) There was no family drama or anything threatening to be such, the ceremony was lovely (and the room at the Register Office, where they'd picked flowers that matched my mum's outfit) and the reception afterwards at the Kings Head was really relaxed and enjoyable. :)

David was shaking all the way through and for several minutes afterwards, and got my mum's many forenames mixed up. As she put it, "I don't know who this 'Mary Yvonne' is that he's married, but I'm going to kill her!". ;)

We had delicious-but-deadly purple champagne - creme de cassis (OH NOES! - I got very drunk on that not long ago, it's gorgeous but EVIL; blackcurrent liqueur, if you were wondering...) topped up with bubbly - before the food came out, and the buffet was AMAZING - the chicken tikka skewers were the best thing, though the cold roast beef was delicious, too. I was still suffering the aftermath of aforesaid bug, so was sensible and alternated my vodka-and-pineapple with water, though I had a killer headache by the time we all left.

Oh, and the cake was lovely, too. :) The balloons and cake decorations (and also the purple champagne) also matched my mum's outfit, which was in shades of plum and avocado and orange... The manager of the pub (Michel) even brought forward his wine offer (Echo Falls for £5.00) for the occasion, which wasn't supposed to happen until next weekend.

Paul, Lisa and I were the remaining stragglers along with my mum, David and his daughter, Katie, who then got a taxi to New Street. We were home by 9.00 and I was absolutely exhausted so went straight to bed...

Overall, it was just a lovely, lovely day. The time has flown by since they announced the engagement back in June... I haven't uploaded our (100!) photos yet, but will post a few on Flickr for the sharing. I think everyone's going to put their various photographs onto CDs so they can all be compiled and re-sent out. :)

On Sunday morning I was plagued by a bloody awful headache, after having about 11 hours sleep. (Was actually awake at 8.30 but stayed in bed until 10.00...) We went to Wetherspoon's for breakfast, and I was fine on the walk there, but my head started pounding as soon as we sat down. I think it was sudden movement that did it, because it happened again when I got in and lay down... I managed to take a painkiller and lay on the sofa until the headache/queasiness subsided, then felt better for the rest of the day - still remained on the sofa, however. ;)

In the evening Paul went out to the Adam & Eve (and only had three drinks - very impressive) and I watched The Beach on Film Four, which would have been more enjoyable had Virgin Media not been made of FAIL. The image kept fritzing and halting every few seconds pretty much for the last hour of the film. Thank anything, we don't pay for Film Four any more (though I preferred it that way - at least we didn't have ad breaks), but Virgin have been rather consistently rubbish lately...

Oh, if anyone is interested, Persepolis is on tonight on Film Four at 9.00pm. They're also showing This is England at some point this week...

Right, I do believe that's everything.
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