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Embroidery update...

I know it's been a while, both in terms of general updating and embroidery updating, but I was too bloody tired last week to do much of anything. Weekend was mostly spent tidying and subsequently slobbing around; we watched This is England last night, which was interesting.

Anyway. Since installing (both physically and computer-wise) the new printer, I no longer have enough room to scan my embroidery, so I've had to take photographs instead. In retrospect I probably should have done this in the first place, because it's quicker, though loses some detail...


I've just finished that bright green you can see down the bottom. I had done some dark brown before this but the change was minimal, and I accidentally deleted the pictures. ;)

The wedding photos are finally uploaded and put on a CD to sent to my mum, and Paul will put them on Facebook later. I shall also put a selection on Flickr.

Nowt else to report.
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