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the lowdown...

before i start, i'd just like to reaffirm something - philadelphia spreadable (not the light stuff, i mean the REAL stuff) is positively sinful... and i just remembered how the cheeseboard version is about four times nicer. waaaaaaant some...

right. anyway.

the concert...
was brilliant! i have learnt to judge them by how large my smile is when i walk out of them, and this was a 10 second grin. the final piece was really powerful, tom corfield is a frelling fantastic organist (and isn't it just one of those instruments you wish you could play? this one has all the pipes and everything... and four keyboards, and all the levers and doohickeys and pedals. and his feet move like in a dance, it's just... so... amazing... watching him... i mean, piano is bad enough, following two staves. three is difficult. four is damn near impossible, but... he did it. effortlessly. i am in awe of people like tom corfield... they make my own miniscule musical ability seem utterly, completely pointless... wow...) anyway, i digress... the soloists were good. the soprano made it all sound so easy, even on her top C, which i certainly don't envy her for... although considering how my range has gotten higher, but much, MUCH shorter, i could probably hit it. may try one day :) the tenor was good, nice voice. not too strained. the bass... was good, i guess. i admit to having a personal preference for tenors since i like hearing the words, and basses are pitched too low for that... but still, they were all excellent. and... david (conductor dude) kept grinning at us, and... it was just a great concert!

i appear to be rambling. i'm very tired, forgive me. i should sleep but i have bits of the mcalpin going around my head, so sleep won't be an option until my eyes start to close of their own volition...

anyway, yes, the other thing was...

meeting eve
it went so, so well!! it was like we'd known each other for years, there was no awkwardness or anything like that!! i mean, i've only 'known' her online since about christmas, and... we just got on so well... wow. and, (this is the sweetest thing...) she wrote me a note, thanking me for beta-ing her fanfics (which she only does, like, every other day...) and she wrote me a fanfic... for me, that's WAY up there with being serenaded, having a song written for me to sing, or having something dedicated to me... and it's a very good fic/poem, which had me grinning a stupid, moronic, shippergrin for about 10 minutes. i won't transpose it for you, but take my word for it. and... yeah, i gave her the moulin rouge CD/tape, and her mum bought me a drink in the pub while we were waiting for jenny, and... just generally aw!! and! no. explosions. *grin*

right. calm. not hyper. no. :)

will... read fic. will email eve, first, to thank her, then will read fic. then will sleeeeeep.
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