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New icon.

Grah. Okay. So obviously the Most Haunted withdrawal has set in, at least in terms of those Bad And Wrong RP Ships. I really thought MH was the exception to the rule, but apparently not.

If anyone's not heard of Supersizers Go..., it's a BBC series wherein comedienne Sue Perkins and food critic Giles Coren are subjected to eating dishes throughout various periods of history - mostly disgusting. It's absolutely brilliant, not least because Giles Coren has no table manners (if anyone saw him the other week on The Great Food Fight, case in point) and Sue Perkins gets regularly drunk and makes an idiot of herself (such being the problem of drinking ale for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper...)

Er, anyway. For most of these endeavours they pose as a married couple for effect, and... yeah. Sorry. They bounce off each other really well, chemisty-wise, and the Inner Shipper is not exactly famed for her pickiness. :P Yes, I know she's a lesbian. I tried really, really hard to resist this one, I honestly did...

Soooo, there it is. Anyway, I need some kind of foodie icon for all my attempts at being all culinary goddess-y, and this icon has been brewing for a while.

You may all shake your heads desparingly now, and I'll go and hide in a corner.

On the plus side - it's not bad for 10 minutes hasty work. :P

PS: I might just have the teensiest crush on Giles Coren...
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