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My Priscilla show review will be slightly delayed, as I've been asked by Gaynor to write one for our internal magazine, BE (Beneath Excellence - don't ask). So I'm going to work on that over the weekend and then convert it into a more squee-filled version for my LJ at a later date. Many apologies to commoncomitatus, as I know she's been anticipating it. I would suggest she gets hers written up before it falls out of her brain, given my track record. ;)

Anyway, in reference to the subject... I've decided to bite the bullet and register with a local NHS dentist in order to get a check-up and any work that needs doing (which will hopefully just be some fillings). This is by no means a decision I came to easily; in fact, my plan was to wait until I was pregnant so I could get free dental care, or just wait until I had the money saved up for cosmetic work. Actually, I would happily just have waited until something horrible happened and I was forced to get it fixed, though in retrospect that's probably a flawed plan. ;)

However, shortly after lunch a large chunk of plaque fell off one of my bottom teeth for no apparent reason. It was harmless enough - the tooth is intact and there's no blood or pain - but freaked me out plenty at the time. Thankfully there are plenty of NHS dentists in Kings Heath, and the charges (according to the government website) aren't as horrendous as I was anticipating. In fact, a dental check-up is less than an eye test.

My bottom front teeth feel as though they have a gaping hole in them now. The rest of the plaque is quite firmly attached with no signs of shifting, so cleaning that off in the event I get a check-up will not be pleasant...

I hate the dentist. The reason for this is because when I was 5 or 6 years old and brushing my teeth, I discovered my very first wobbly tooth, freaked the fuck out, and had an emergency dental appointment with the family dentist who (at that time) lived next door to my grandmother. He tried to give me an injection so he could extract the tooth and I burst into tears, so he yanked the bloody thing out instead, which made me bawl even more. Despite having a friendly, much more pleasant dentist for years after that, I have dreaded going to the dentist ever since...

My least favourite thing, back when I had to attend every six months, was getting my teeth scraped / cleaned. Horrible. Hence why I'm not particularly looking forward to it now, as there's 10 years' worth of build-up down there...

The one major thing I'd like to get done one of these days, aside from having my teeth whitened, is to fix my two front upper teeth. I broke one when I was 14 and had it capped. Unfortunately I must have broken the nerve, because it stopped growing and is now several millimetres shorter than its neighbour. The tooth on the other side is also horribly discoloured for some reason, presumably because I'm somewhat buck-toothed to start with and it's difficult to get at... So eventually I'd like to get that whole area fixed. For the moment, however, a check-up will have to suffice.

Anyway, watch this space for potential dentist-related wibbles nearer the time. :(

Nowt else to report...
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