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Brief Update about Nothing in Particular

Priscilla review is still not forthcoming. I intended to work on my shorter work version this weekend but was scuppered by a horrendous cold and didn't bother.

Hm, I think I need to update from a little earlier...

My mum popped around on Wednesday night to drop off some bits and bobs, including some extraneous birthday cards and my present from my grandmother - a pair of fuzzy Ugg-boot style slippers, which are lovely and warm. I was intending on buying some new slippers anyway, so that'll save me some money. :D

She also brought over my rucksack and sleeping bag (not that I ever intend to go camping again, but it'll be useful if anyone's sleeping over and we run out of beds / duvets), and a full set of good quality saucepans and Tefal frying pans. They're redoing the kitchen again, including a new oven/hob, and they can only use certain types of pans on there, so I've inherited her old ones. We tried them out last night and wow, I'd forgotten the difference a decent set of pans can make. We've been using Trevor's stuff since we moved in in terms of saucepans, and they're rubbish...

(The one good thing is that I now have a large, deep frying pan / saucepan with a lid, so can finally make all those recipes which call for such. Like jambalaya! :D)

On Thursday I had a bad throat, though it wasn't too bad. Then we went to visit Paul's mum of the evening, where my cat allergy kicked in and set the cold off properly.

Friday the cold wasn't too bad. I forgot to change my bus pass datecard and for the first time ever the bus driver actually noticed. He was willing to let me on anyway, but I didn't want to run the risk of there being an inspector on the journey home, so had to buy a Daysaver. The cold wasn't too bad, though was getting worse by the afternoon, and I left at 4.15 to attend my GP surgery at 5.00pm for a 'flu jab and asthma check-up.

It took half an hour just to get out of Digbeth. I have no clue why. The traffic just simply wasn't moving. By 4.45 I was only at Highgate, tried to ring the surgery to tell them I might be late for my appointment (which I'd thankfully already moved from 4.45 to 5.00 in case of traffic issues... pre-emptive much?), except their answering machine message takes forever to finish and halfway through my phone announced "One minute remaining!" and subsequently cut me off, so I just had to pray I'd get there in time. Thankfully it then only took 10 minutes or so to get to Kings Heath and I legged it to my appointment just in time.

The walk home (and presumably the 'flu jab) finished me off. I popped into Wilko for more fabric softener and new toothbrushes and toothpaste, then into Sainsbury's to stock up on juice and get something for tea. I finally got home about 5.30 and promptly put on my pyjamas and wallowed in self-pity for the rest of the evening. Didn't even feel like having the curry I'd bought, but ate it anyway...

Paul rolled home around 11.30 or thereabouts from his night out (somehow going from somewhat tipsy to completely drunk after one more drink), at which point I fed my cold a Benylin night-time tablet and went to bed.

Thankfully the worst of it had passed by Saturday. Paul was in work until about 1.30, and I spent the day working on my Christmas decoration embroideries. I managed to finish a whole decoration over the course of the weekend (whilst watching Oklahoma! on Saturday, heh), and made a start on the first colour of the next one. Three down, seven to go... I'll try and remember to take a photograph tonight.

We watched Teeth on Saturday night, on Filmflex; not 10 minutes into it the doorbell rang, so we unplugged it. Bloody Trick-or-Treaters. I absolutely was not in a Hallowe'en mood this year. Just as well we didn't have a bad movies night because I would still have been full of cold and absolutely knackered. As to the film, it was weird but enjoyable... though I'm guessing the males in the audience would appreciate it less. ;)

Aaand that's about it. Except that it again feels like something's brewing at work. Christmas leave is sorted out; we've now been asked to request our Easter leave! I hadn't even thought that far ahead yet! *depairs*

Over and out...
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