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I'm back at work today after a week off sick, hence the lack of updating... As a result, I've lost track of time and missed probably the most important choir rehearsal for the concert which I've just been reminded (by a colleague) is this Saturday. I need to revise Sea Symphony before then so I at least know vaguely the bits I'm sure we've not rehearsed... although we were apparently going to go through both pieces in full on Tuesday.

Anyway. On Saturday (as in 7th November), we went out for Paul's mum's birthday meal. I didn't manage to get out of bed until about 1.30pm that day because I was exhausted and had no energy, then once I'd got up I basically positioned myself on the sofa for a few more hours before we headed out. My back was hurting and my stomach felt painfully bloated, which essentially meant that my entire middle section was in pain.

We went out to a local carvery for the meal, which was supposed to be a surprise. Paul's mum only thought that Darren, Noel and the kids were going, so she wasn't expecting me, Paul, Andrea or any of the other extended family. Unfortunately, despite asking everyone else to turn up around 5.30 (for a 6.00pm table) so it would be a proper surprise, the remaining members of extended family arrived about 10 seconds after Paul's mum. Ah well.

Annoyingly, because I was in pain, I had little to no appetite and thus didn't enjoy the carvery food. I'd actually been looking forward to the event since it was organised (we were going to find some fireworks afterwards but it was too damn cold anyway) and as ever, my body scuppered all plans for enjoyment. Paul and I left around 7.30 after we'd eaten, by which point my back was hurting so much I could barely walk, and promptly upon getting home lay on the sofa with a hot water bottle.

Sunday was much of the same. My back had stopped hurting significantly, though was still painful, but I had very little energy and didn't even bother getting dressed. We had planned on a roast chicken dinner but as I had no appetite we didn't bother that day.

I phoned in sick on Monday (another pyjama day on the sofa with intermittent naps), Tuesday (same again, though at least I got dressed, and had to cry off visiting Paul's mum for her actual birthday because I was falling over) and then on Wednesday conceded to have the rest of the week off, too. I was up and about by Thursday but still not 100% (putting laundry upstairs to dry resulted in having to sit down twice because of light-headedness). Paul was also off sick on Friday. This weekend I've been catching up with household chores and laundry as I'd fallen behind on pretty much everything, and thankfully had enough energy on Sunday to clean the bathroom and make lasagne for tea, which we shared with Lisa.

Unfortunately, because I basically wasn't eating for about three days (we had the chicken dinner on Wednesday, which was my first 'real' food since Saturday night), I ended up back at square one with regards my IBS, and it's taken until today for my body to stop bloody rejecting everything I put into it. I managed to poison myself on Saturday night, which I think was the chicken sandwiches, so threw the remains of the chicken away first thing Sunday morning. Thankfully this morning it seems to be okay. I need to gorge myself on fibre...

Which, obviously, is why my lunch comprises a sandwich on white bread. :P

Aaanyway, normal service shall be resumed. By which I mean the annual Christmas bitching, naturally.
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