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My goodness, it's cold. And has been since about Friday, I think. The heating hasn't kicked in properly at work today, and as there's no work to do either, I'm just a tad chilly. *blows on fingers*

On Saturday I went into Birmingham to meet up with jackiesjottings, who was coming up to visit the German Market and put a dent in her Christmas shopping. I met her outside Waterstone's at 12.00, and we headed straight to Moseley for the farmers market.

I wish I'd gone last month to scout out potential present ideas (from the craft market), actually, as it won't be back before Christmas now and there were a few things I would have otherwise bought. I did get some bits and bobs, though - four wild boar sausages (two traditional and two red-wine-and-garlic), some sage Derbyshire cheese and some interesting soap - I do likes me soap. I got some individual cards for various people from Pottery and Pieces, which came to just over £15 (for five cards!), but definitely worth it as I doubt I'll get them anywhere else. We also had a bit of a look around Zen before heading back into Birmingham.

I had a hot pork roll for my lunch from the hog roast - yummy. I must go back again next time to try either the Caribbean stuff or the falafel, or whatever else they've got. It all smelled delicious.

We got off the 50 at the Rag Market and went into Fancy Silk Store as Jackie wanted some fabric - she was very restrained and only bought one piece ;) - followed by a wander around the indoor market. There were some absolutely marvellous jeans on one of the stalls but I'm fairly sure they wouldn't fit me. Plus I don't exactly have a spare £20 lying around to spend on frivolous clothing. Jackie managed to find the fringing she was after, and then we tried to find some coffee.

Apparently Borders is closing down; there's at least 20% off everything. The queue was massive, though. Eventually we found a seat in the little coffee shop on the steps down to St Martin's, where I had a smoothie (which made my entire mouth numb in the end), and then went to HMV, where I fortuitously managed to find a present for Paul. Not sure if it'll be for birthday or Christmas, though.

At some point we also went to Oasis, though I can't remember if that was before or after the rag market. ;) I spotted another thing to get for Paul in there, but if I manage to find it again it'll be a bloody miracle... I always lose my bearings in there. I'll try and find it on my way home tonight.

I walked Jackie back to New Street Station and we parted ways, and I was home again by 5.30pm. It was a pleasant, if chilly and somewhat exhausting, afternoon. Paul and I had spaghetti on toast for tea because neither of us were particularly hungry.

Yesterday I had intended to tidy up in preparation for putting the tree up next weekend, but I was simply too tired and cold to do so. We put the heating on at 11.00 and also the fire in the living room (which is just never warm at this time of year), and I spent the majority of the day watching television on the sofa until 7.30, when I went to do tea.

We had roast turkey breast roll, which I'd covered with a honey and mustard marinade (of sorts), with roast potatoes, carrots and leeks, and stuffed mushrooms to use up some bits from the fridge (I used chopped tomatoes, garlic and herbs, plus the chopped mushroom cores, topped with cheese). Surprisingly nice. :) The remainder of the turkey has become lunch today, also, which worked out quite well.

Tonight I must clean the kitchen floor because I managed to spill oil on it last night when getting the tray out of the oven.

Oh yes, on Thursday we went to see Drew in his latest am-dram play, A Christmas Twist, which was quite enjoyable. I was incredibly tired and cranky by the time we left, though...

I am still skint. Thankfully I get paid again in three weeks rather than four, thanks to the early Christmas payday. Not sure it'll help, though; we get paid early again in January and then have to suffer in February when it all goes back to normal. Bah.

Over and out.
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