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Some Petty Work Annoyances

For some reason lately, people have been infuriatingly dim-witted.

Okay. So. One of these dates from Friday, the other from a few minutes ago.

Before I start, a brief explanation of our work booking system. Fee earners put their work into the top of two trays. When we come to book it in, we do so from the back of the pile in the top tray, so it's in chronological order. This is a common practice and was something which, when I first started, I was pulled up about by one of my longstanding collegues because I did it the wrong way around.

Anyway, that's relevant for today's story; I'll do Friday's first.

Annoyance the First

On Friday we had more work than everyone else (this has been the case for a while, for some reason) and by the afternoon we were the only team who had any work. So, around 11.15, one of my *ahem* esteemed colleagues, whom I shall call Miss Chatterbox, came up looking for work. She saw that we had some work and was pleased.

I noticed, hawk-eyed as ever, that the next piece in the tray was from Heather. Heather has recently returned to South Team after a stint in Central, and as such is very pleased to have Noor and I doing her typing again. Bearing such in mind, I figured there would be fireworks if anyone else took her tape, and hence quickly booked it out.

Miss Chatterbox, at this point, was hovering by my shoulder. I placed the piece of work on my keyboard (which you'd think would be a big enough indication that I was going to do it), and she picked it up.

"Thank you," she said.

"Er, I've just booked that out," said I.

"Oh - well, I'll do it anyway."

"But I've just booked it out. There's plenty in the tray if you want some work."

Miss Chatterbox pulled a face and reached in for the next piece of work (a witness list and letters which subsequently took her I-don't-know-how-long to do, as I don't recall seeing her come back).

Doubtless as a result of my actions I ended up the subject of the latest moanathon (they do so enjoy to moan) but honestly. How bloody lazy do you have to be to assume that I would book work out for you?? And then get arsey because I don't want to mess up my nice tidy book by crossing out my initials and replacing them with hers!

(I've just re-checked the book, incidentally. Seeing as she wandered off with the piece of work without even signing it out, I filled in her initials and date/time taken for her. I presume she must have brought it back at some point, but hasn't filled in when she did so. *rolls eyes*)

Gah. Stupid petty stupidness and FAIL.

Annoyance the Second

This was from a few minutes ago and involved Miss Moany-Pants. Work has been slow the past couple of days, though it's picked up this afternoon. Anyway, she came up looking for work.

There were two items in the top tray. One of the Legal Assistants had put in a short tape first, and on top of that was a two-tape dictation from our new locum. Miss M-P went to the top tray and automatically picked up the two-tape piece. She made a noise of unimpressed disappointment that it was so long (she leaves at 2.30, clearly it would take her four hours to finish it...) I could see her moving to book it in, so then reached for the shorter tape which was supposed to be done first and placed it deliberately on top of the long dictation.

"Oh, good!" she exclaimed.

She then proceeded to book in the work (using the wrong initials for the new locum, but I'll let that slide as we've not had a team meeting in months and she doesn't 'officially' know about her yet) and took away the short tape. Thankfully she left the longer one for me to do.

Good grief. Everyone seems to have caught Dumb Plague lately. Unless I've just grown more intolerant of it or something.

Nowt else to report, alas. I finished my fifth Christmas decoration embroidery last night (five more to go - argh!) and took photos of that and the fourth one, except our internet was down and I couldn't post them. Will do that tonight if it's back up.
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