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A Sad Discovery

*sings* Snow, snow, go away
I'd like to get home today...

I am currently debating whether or not to go to choir, given the weather. In all likelihood I would be better off in rehearsal and going home several hours after the post-work panic has dissipated, and thus hopefully the traffic also... If I decide to leave at a normal time and merely get stuck waiting for a bus for two hours, then I would obviously be better off in a warm rehearsal room...

I love how the snow conveniently happened two days before Christmas, disappeared for the entire festive season (I had a week off and nothing!), and then promptly started up again now that the brats children have gone back to school. Lucky them, though - I imagine the majority got a snow day, unlike us poor sods in offices who are wondering how the heck to get home in this weather...

I find it ironically unfortunate that the only reliable modes of transport when it snows are a bicycle or one's own two feet... Other solutions are sleeping in the office or finding helpful colleagues in city centre apartments with sofa space... Or, if I go to choir, politely ask if anyone can generously give me a lift home...

I remember several years ago on this very livejournal that I got up in the middle of the night (unsurprising, given I was at uni), just to tell people it was snowing. I lamented those boring adults who complained about snow - it was akin to not believing in fairies, all those killjoys destroying the snow by their very negativity - and hoping that I never became one of those people.


The last vestiges of my childhood have officially withered. :( *clings to balloon fights for dear life*

PS: As this is now the fourth winter in a row where we've had heavy snowfall and the local Councils have been completely unprepared for it, anyone who says this is uncommon and I should stop moaning can STFU. It's not much to ask that everything not grind to a complete standstill just because a bit of white stuff falls from the sky. It's the 21st century and we're killing the planet and this is going to continue for the foreseeable future - officialdom should GET IT SORTED already.

Buggrit, I'm moving to France. Kaymerciaurevoir.
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