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Character Meme Answers.

Okay, here we go. I can't promise either creativity of anything remotely substantial...

The list was as follows:-

1. The Duke (Moulin Rouge)
2. Joe Gillis (Sunset Boulevard)
3. Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
4. 'Im Upstairs (Trapdoor)
5. Bernadette (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert)
6. Daniel Meade (Ugly Betty)
7. Dominar Rygel XVI (Farscape)
8. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
9. Maddy Magellan (Jonathan Creek)
10. Jareth (Labyrinth)
11. Fox Mulder (The X-Files)
12. Riff Raff (Rocky Horror)
13. Peggy Mitchell (EastEnders)
14. Gene Hunt (Life on Mars / Ashes to Ashes)
15. The Doctor (Star Trek: Voyager)

And yes; some of the more *ahem* random choices are purely for the amusement of commoncomitatus

Now, on to the questions:-

From commoncomitatus...

1 (The Duke), 5 (Bernadette), and 13 (Peggy Mitchell) are stuck in the middle of nowhere. It's freezing, and raining. There is one umbrella and one blanket. Who gets what? Is there a fight, or is an agreement reached amicably?

Well, let's think. The Duke being the Duke, he would doubtless consider himself entitled to both the blanket AND the umbrella. Except Bernadette would obviously be concerned about ruining her hair and would take the umbrella off him. There would definitely be a fight, and Peggy would break it up by telling them all to get aht of her paaahhhb, which would of couse be completely redundant because they're in the middle of nowhere.

8 (Jack Sparrow), 10 (Jareth), 7 (Rygel), and 4 ('Im Upstairs) share a cab. Who offers to pay the fare, and who would insists that everyone pay their share? And who ultimately gets their way?

The thought of those four characters sharing a cab is quite hilarious enough, quite frankly. Erm. Rygel would most definitely not be the one paying the fare upfront, and I'd wager nor would Jack, though he'd more than likely be trying to steal the cab in the first place. Come to think of it, so would Rygel. Er, sorry - procure. Which only leaves Jareth, I suppose, who would probably pay the fare using Hoggle's plastic bracelets (courtesy of Sarah). But I think it's a given that 'Im Upstairs would get his own way, because he'd just eat everyone and be done with it.

6 (Daniel Meade) and 9 (Maddy Magellan) win an all-expenses paid trip to the theater, and must go together; what do they ultimately decide to see, and how do they reach the decision?

BWAHAHA. I'm sure Maddy is more than appreciative of this question! I think they'd probably see a musical, or failing that she'd have random free tickets to one of Adam's magic shows and they'd go to that instead. Since money is no object with Daniel, the choice is not exactly limited, and quite frankly I think Maddy would follow him around like a lost puppy no matter what they decided. ;)

If 15 (The Doctor) had to choose between saving the life of 2 (Joe Gillis) or 3 (Spike) who would he/she choose and why?

Heh, how bizarrely pre-emptive. :P Okay, well... Spike is technically already dead, and it would be incredibly beneficial to my 'ship of choice if the Doc chose to save Joe, so... there's that one. :P

It's the end of the world. 11 (Fox Mulder) has a secret stash of food / supplies / things needed to survive the end of the world. Does he/she share it willingly with the others? If not, who of the others would try to take it by force and who would try to be diplomatic? If so, how does he/she ration it?

It does not surprise me in the slightest that, come the end of the world, the only person with anything remotely useful is Mulder. :P Because obviously, he would have predicted it. He would of course be fair and ration accordingly, whilst angsting over Scully not being there, but Rygel would wait until everyone was asleep and promptly run off with everything, build himself a makeshift thronesled and fly off. And then everyone would club together and use their various talents to ambush him and get all the supplies back. The Duke would whine a lot because other people are touching his things. Jack Sparrow would only care if there was rum and/or buxom wenches, so, er... well, at least Maddy's in there?

I think that's enough insanity for that one. :P

If 12 (Riff Raff) and 14 (Gene Hunt) were stuck on a desert island with only each other for company, would they get along and work together, or drive each other crazy and insist on separate sides, or something in between?

I think Gene Hunt's head would explode from the very concept of Riff Raff, to be honest. Though he would probably remember Sam mentioning something very similar during one of his usual insane ramblings, and get very scared that such a creature apparently does exist. I think Riff would tire of Gene very quickly, use half of his brain to make a new island buddy and promptly laser them both to death shortly afterwards, at which point the island would turn into a spaceship and blast off. :P

Next, from herringprincess.

4 ('Im Upstairs) and 11 (Fox Mulder) go on a first date. Where does 4 pick?

Given what we know about 'Im Upstairs, I'm guessing it would be somewhere that served lots of food - maybe his annual conference? I think the venue wouldn't matter, because Mulder would be much too interested in the concept of a thing with three heads and wings to really care much about the food...

7 (Rygel) and 8 (Jack Sparrow) both go for the same job. What job could it be, and who would get it?

I'm struggling to imagine what job either of them could possibly want to go for... possibly some kind of upper management type role, akin to Dominar / Pirate King. I think Rygel would come across better initially because he would be assertive and self-confident and feel that he was perfect for this and every position going. I think that Jack would actually get the job by virtue of being a big charmer.

1 (The Duke), 9 (Maddy Magellan), 3 (Spike), 10 (Jareth) and 15 (The Doctor) are your average nuclear family. Who's the daddy, the mommy, the older, middle, and younger sibling?

Ooh, now that's quite tricky. Easiest first, the Duke would be the youngest child, because he's petulant and doesn't like sharing. As Maddy is the only female that makes her the mommy (you did say 'average' nuclear family...) and then I'm torn between the Doc or Jareth as the daddy, as they both have fatherlike qualities; I think it tips in the Doc's favour because of Jareth's rather questionable attraction to teenage girls, so he would be the older sibling, which makes Spike the middle child. Which probably explains a lot, come to think of it. He clearly has Middle Child Syndrome. :P

2 (Joe Gillis) and 14 (Gene Hunt) must co-operate to kill a dalek. What do they do?

Well, Gene would go in guns blazing and shoot at it and call it a nancy-boy. When that failed to work, he would have to resort to asking Joe for ideas, because obviously, as a writer, he is perpetually creative. :P Being as I've never seen any Who in my life and have no idea how to actually kill a Dalek, I will assume, stereotypically, that eventually they figure out about the stairs thing, and run up six flights of steps.

What is 5 (Bernadette) and 6 (Daniel Meade)'s theme song?

Oh dearie me. I am rubbish at thinking up songs. Bernadette is a transsexual and Daniel's a rich manchild, so... is there even a song that encapsulates both of those things?? I'm actually stumped on this one, sorry. :( Answers on a postcard...

13 (Peggy Mitchell) and 14 (Gene Hunt) get drunk together. What happens?

What a terrifying concept. Um. Gene would get all lairy and fall over a lot; Peggy would start reminiscing about her boys and Saahhhm and such. I imagine they'd get on a lot better drunk, actually.

And finally, questions from yoshi.

1-15. Would you?

Some yes, some no. :P

Also, 7 (Rygel), 12 (Riff Raff) and 9 (Maddy Magellan) are in a fight. Who cries first?

If the question was who would win, then the answer is clearly Maddy. Rygel would be the one fighting dirty, and Riff Raff does have the advantage of lasers. But Riff Raff is also somewhat overemotional and full of pent-up aggression, so I'm guessing he'd cry first.

8 (Jack Sparrow), 4 ('Im Upstairs), and 1 (The Duke) are playing cards. Drabble on one of their internal monologies while bluffing please.

Obviously, Paul likes to make things more difficult. Er, the only one of these characters I've ever written for is Jack, and that was for one story, so I suppose it'll have to be him. Also, you never specified what the card game was. :P

...and I'm totally going to chicken out because, try as I might, I simply cannot picture Jack Sparrow playing 'Cheat', and that's pretty much the only card game I know the rules to. Sorry. I might come back and do it again at some point when I am more inspired.

5 (Bernadette) interviews 10 (Jareth) for a job. How would the dialogue play out and would they get the role?

Yet another quite terrifying concept. One presumes the job in question is for a part in Les Girls (I'm not sure what to make of the image of Jareth in drag). Bernadette would be exceptionally professional about it and ask all the appropriate questions, whilst Jareth would merely sit there and spin his crystals in a hypnotic manner in order to get the job by stealth. Meanwhile the goblins would try and steal Benji and Bernadette would not be remotely impressed by Jareth's charms and hence he would not get the job.

If you were expecting actual dialogue, see above excuse. I am the fail.

Well, that was that. Actually not as fun as I was anticipating, but I'll attribute that to character-choice fail, as I thought said choices would be funnier than they apparently were. That'll teach me. :P
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