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Heeey, I recognise this situation...

As ever, new Jonathan Creek has inspired me to RITE MOAR FICK. As a result of which I am getting No Sleep and can absolutely guarantee that when I'm actually on leave and have time to indulge the addiction, my Muse will flee for the hills. Because it's cruel like that. Maybe this time it'll actually be nice to me for a change. *crosses fingers*

My episode write-up/review/thoughts prompted a comment tennis with Eni, which is self-evident. To save you having to translate the flailing incoherence (literally!), here are some details about the fic ideas that came to fruition in the process. Obviously these are mostly for my own benefit, because I've been half-planning this fic since the last special, and thanks to last night's tennis it now has something resembling a plot!

I really need to stop coming up with Epic Fics of Doom for JC, as I have one unfinished (started when I was at uni, it ran out of steam), one WIP ("A Lot to Answer For", the drabble extension) and now this new untitled effort.

This is the fic which the episode tags that I've been working on will lead up to. I didn't initially intend on that being the case, but when I first came up with the basic idea of the fic, I didn't really know how to go about it. The episode tags just happened to fit in as they progressed, and by the time I finish the one I'm currently working on, they will lead nicely into the new chapter fic. In fact, I could even say the tags are the 'prequel', as immediately after this final tag (set a few months before "Satan's Chimney"), the new story begins in 'present day'.

So. The tags that are currently finished (not necessarily post-episode; some are missing scenes) stand as follows:-

The Wrestlers Tomb (pilot episode)
The Scented Room (series 2)
Black Canary (first Xmas special)
The Omega Man (series 3)
The Three Gamblers (series 3) - not quite finished yet
Pre-Satan's Chimney (second Xmas special)

The new fic will commence during "The Judas Tree", immediately after the Pub Scene but before they go back to Greenlanterns House, but it will skip around a lot to incorporate elements of series 4 and beyond.

Originally, my idea was that Joey and Maddy were in contact with each other, not initially realising how they were connected. I need to re-watch "The Grinning Man", because I can't remember if Joey knew who Jonathan was before she met him. It doesn't matter too much, but if she did, then the way I planned it was for Joey to look into contacting Maddy initially because of her reputation as a crime writer, whereupon her research would inevitably lead her to Jonathan instead - being as he's still in England, whereas Maddy is in America. Then I think perhaps she would go ahead and contact Maddy anyway and simply not bother to mention it - because obviously, at that stage she wouldn't know about any of the history.

When I say "the history", I mean not only history that we actually saw, but many of the suppositions within the tags and my theory on series 3. Essentially I'm creating a massive back story, some of which is a precursor to the fic, and some of which will be told in flashback.

I am convinced there must have been some kind of conversation between Joey and Jonathan between "The Grinning Man" and now, to explain the switch from his apparent bitterness then, to miserable acceptable in "The Judas Tree". Bearing my interpretation of their conversation in mind, anyway, because I can't think of any other explanation. At some point Jonathan has to have explained things to Joey.

Perhaps inevitably, I can see myself becoming a Jonathan/Joey shipper. This is the most heinous statement I could ever make, given my feelings about Jonathan/Maddy. I should point out that J/J is a very different type of ship. I cannot ship them romantically, for the most part because they don't have that sort of chemistry, but also because the vibe I get is much different. Joey is infinitely preferable to Carla, and where the Jonathan/Carla "ship" (I am loath to call it that) felt like Renwick was flogging a dead horse to the degree where it was painful to watch, J/J feels a lot more comfortable. Assuming that Renwick doesn't change his mind about there not being a 'romantic' J/J ship, there is lots of potential.

I only mention this because it's also important to the story, and actually I'm going to be building a lot more of a rapport there, too. There's supposed to be a section where she keeps trying to wheedle information out of Jonathan and eventually threatens to ransack the windmill for clues, which is when he gives in. But that can't take place until I've built said rapport, and it's an important section because it basically forms the crux of the Big Dramatic Ending.

Whilst all of this is going on, of course, Joey is in communication with Maddy via email, unbeknownst to Jonathan. As soon as she finds out from him what happened, she starts wheedling Maddy for her side of things. And that's when it gets interesting. :D

The comment tennis led to the logical (honest!) conclusion that the conversation in the pub was actually some kind of test from Joey, who for some period of time not yet decided has been plotting away in the background. She's arranged a meeting - Maddy is coming home. As I type this I've just decided it's going to be a flying visit, at least for now. Basically, the entire fic is leading up to this scene. In lieu of ever being able to actually see it, I might as well just write it. (The comment tennis laments the fact that it will never actually happen; we will never see The Look On Jonathan's Face when it does.) At the point of the random conversation in the pub, Joey knows full well that Maddy is only two days away from arriving and is panicking because she hasn't told Jonathan yet and doesn't know how to, but has already told Maddy to go ahead anyway. So the conversation is a test, to gauge his reaction. Then there's the bit where they go back to the mystery house and the final bit with Adam and the YouTube shenanigans. And THEN, we move on to The Big Reunion.

It has the potential to be utterly heart-breaking, but it has to be done. I've never accepted the ending of series 3, nor the lack of any feasible explanation, and I've been working hard to fix it since commencing the re-watch.

And wouldn't you know, last night I actually... kind of started it. Or at least, I did something, and it's as good a place to start as any. Now I just need a title and a proper, constructed plot outline, and to FINISH THE FRELLING ANGST FIC which comes immediately before it. I've had the ending of THAT planned for a year and never quite managed to get there. :P

So, that's that. Potentially quite en exciting project. Actually, I haven't been this excited about a fic since "Breakfast on Sunset" resurfaced in the midst of my post-Sunset madness, and it's somewhat refreshing to get that feeling back. :)

Title suggestion, anyone?
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