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probably none of you will remember this, except possibly the clarelet, and jennifer definitely will, not that she'll ever read this...

in year 10, way back in... *thinks* 1996, mr. yeo and... whatever the name of the bitchy woman who ran aston choir was called, decided to pull together the five foundation schools in birmingham and do a concert to raise money for acorns children's hospice. we were to perform at the symphonic hall (i can't not call it that. it's alan davies' fault :D) and be conducted by one michael brewer.

we sang "carmina burana" and something which i couldn't remember the name of for the life of me, but which was very, very high (well, for 15 year olds :P) and i do remember the "vivat regina" line being a top a and it echoing gloriously around the ceiling. in fact, the whole concert carries FAR too many memories and if i wrote them all down i'd be here all frelling night, so i won't...

anyway, the point i wanted to make was this: i was telling jenny about the infamous-top-a in the piece i couldn't remember the name of. what should appear in our folders tonight at dcu but... that self-same piece! it's called "i was glad" by parry, and it's four times more gorgeous than i remember. (and, we're doing "zadok the priest" by handel, which i'd only ever heard, which is also fantastic, amongst many, many others...) so i was getting all nostalgic.

wow. 5 years and i still vaguely remember it! aw! and... goddammit, i wanna sing "carmina burana" again. and fauré's "requiem". two of my most favourite pieces...
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