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In Which I Am Indecisive

Okay. I'm on leave from 16th April until 5th May (Friday is our anniversary, then I have two weeks off followed by a fortuitous bank holiday and some training - woo!) and Paul is also off from 16th to 21st April, though he'll probably be working on the Saturday. Aside from spring cleaning the kitchen it would be rather nice to go for a day out somewhere with the camera, weather permitting. I have a number of places we COULD go which are fairly easy to get to by bus, I just can't decide where. :)

Poll #1550381 Where should Bex and Paul go on their day(s) off?

Where should we go? Click all that apply:

Birmingham Botanical Gardens?
Dudley Zoo & Castle?
Black Country Living Museum (BCLM)?
Netherton Claypit (a.k.a. Doulton's Claypit)?
Somewhere else local and interesting which isn't too expensive and we can get to by bus - please specify.
PS: Anything Netherton/Dudley/Black Country end we might be able to get two things in one day. The least easy to get to is the Claypit because it'll involve three buses and I think they might not be that regular, but haven't checke dyet.. IIRC they've now split up the Zoo and Castle at Dudley, but the website still only quotes one price for admission, so I guess we'll have to do the Zoo as well if that's the option. Neither of us have been to BCLM for years, ditto the Botanical Gardens, and I kind of want to visit the Claypit to relive my childhood...

I can has votes plz?
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